Naseeb ending a relationship

Is It Really Over Between Ugandan Socialite Zari and Diamond? -

naseeb ending a relationship

Some of the relationships will last longer and some will never take off. Some relationships will end on a positive note and some will end on a. It shows the relationship between Naseeb and Guddi, who are cousins. At the end, Rabb Da Radio story will reveal that whether Naseeb will able to sort. Music sensational Abdul Naseeb aka Diamond Platnumz has finally indirectly talked about his break up with his baby mama Zari Hassan.

Bhakta, who currently resides in Chicago, met his wife on Shaadi.

Diamond Platnumz indirectly speaks about his break-up with Zari

Often, the prospective brides and grooms are not even aware of their profiles being up on these sites, he added. He made up his mind on pursuing the idea of building a South Asian dating app and the foundation of Naseeb was successfully laid.

Naseeb is a straightforward dating app and has a clean interface. At its core, the ability to swipe and meet and chat will always be free. Although, the match-making scene has undergone a paradigm shift, South Asian families, especially Indians still buy the idea that marriage is a union of two families and not just individuals.

Times are changing, and we want to change the conversation about dating and relationships. I think parents are beginning to realize this more and more, even in the span of just a few years.

naseeb ending a relationship

Ultimately if their child finds a good match, how they got there will matter less. Tinder avails users the advantage of deciding who they like with one swipe whereas Shaadi.

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Both these features have been combined together in Naseeb. He can be a womanizer at times which I don't feel comfortable about but I also understand he's single so it's okay for him meet other women. Because we both understand we can't be together, we've both been dating and meeting other people. His parents are on his case to get married. Every time I see him, he brings it up. It's difficult to picture him being married to another woman.

Zari dumps Diamond, off to make more boss ladies

We don't end up in a pleasant situation towards the end of every discussion. According to him, he's looking for another me in Christian faith but he doesn't like the girls or is not attracted to them.

I feel I've missed out on some great men in the past and am still wasting my time because I have strong feelings for him. He took me out for Christmas Eve. When I inquired if he cares about me, his answer was it means something if he's out with me on Christmas Eve. He was supposed to spend time with family and they arranged a dinner.

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As much as we might be attracted to other people there was only ONE person with whom our attraction went beyond the physical, sexual or visual dimensions. It wasn't so much attraction as it was recognition. When we met them, we had to stop for a second and wonder did we meet before? They seemed so familiar so comfortable to talk to so similar to us just as if we were best friends in middle school separated through the years and finally reunited later in life.

With other people we tend to feel unsure of our feelings. We tell ourselves that if we hang in there a little longer, it will eventually work out. But not with this one special person.

We knew we loved them as soon as our eyes met. We couldn't explain it. The best part of that relationship was the strong friendship bond. We knew their secrets and they knew ours and still they didn't judge us.

naseeb ending a relationship

They didn't want to change us, they just accepted us for US!