Natalia livingston relationship test

Who killed Emily on General Hospital? Diego Alcazar was the Text Message Killer

natalia livingston relationship test

In , Emily,, returned to Port Charles (now being played by Natalia Livingston ) with a secret. She refused with Zander. Nikolas & Emily consummated their relationship for the first time. . Emily convinced Nikolas to have tests performed. Emily Quartermaine | Natalia Livingston #1 fans| eternalfate. And my goodness do I miss Emily/Liz and Emily/Nikolas relationships and. Attempting to make her marriage work, Emily moves in to a new home with . the results of a DNA test in order to protect Courtney and the baby from Helena.

Nikolas and Zander came to blows in the boiler room just before the fire erupted. In desperation to protect Emily, Nikolas gave his seat on the last helicopter evacuating guests, to Emily. Nikolas later went missing and was presumed dead, but returns to find Emily grieving for him at Wyndemere. Zander was also presumed dead after the hotel fire. A month later Zander, he revealed he was alive.

Zander had become mentally unstable and frantically tried to get Emily to run away with him again, She refused, she would never leave Nikolas. Zander took Emily hostage desperate to escape with her. When the police surrounded the cottage, Zander lead Emily outside. After having pushed Emily to safety, Zander reaches into his pocket pretending to have a gun. Only A Memory Meanwhile while driving, Nikolas, had just purchased an engagement ring for Emily, and learned of the hostage situation via the radio, He had a car accident which lead everyone to believe he also died.

However, Nikolas sustained a head injury which caused him to lose all memory of his identity A grieving widow named Mary Bishop found and cared for Nikolas. When Nikolas asked who he is and how they knew each other, Mary quick informed Nikolas that he was her husband Conner. A deserter from the marines. After weeks of search followed by a memorial service for Nikolas, Emily convinced longtime friend Lucky to go on a trip to Mexico that Nikolas had planned for them.

Emily was stunned when she spotted Nikolas, who there with Mary to renew the vows she had made with Connor. Emily feared telling Nikolas his true identity because her brother Jason had suffered brain damage permanently affecting his memory. Conner deeply puzzled by how drawn and attracted he felt to Emily.

Nikolas & Emily -

Not long after, Mary accidentally confesses the truth. Emily gently refused his advances. A masked Mary terrorized the Quartermaine mansion, killing Sage Alcazar and another teenager. Mary died in hospital after being shot. Nikolas Emily become engaged again. Nikolas threw Helena over a cliff to protect Emily. Emily testified that Nikolas had acted in self defense. After a confrontation with Nikolas, Connor and Nikolas struggled with a gun.

Nikolas, after being allowed to marry Emily, was sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole. Connor becomes obsessed with Emily, and eventually raped her. Afterward, Emily shol Connor in self defense as he was coming for her again. Elizabeth and Lucky arrived to comfort Emily.

Lucky buried Connor, Elizabeth tried to get Emily to admit Connor raped her, but she is in shock and can not face what happened. Helena came out of hiding and kidnapped Emily, Lucky go caught in the crossfire and was shot. Lucky fell into a coma, and Emily confessed she was raped to her first friend. Emily was deep;y traumatized and planned to pretend the rape never happened.

When Lucky recovered, he moved into Wyndemere with Emily, and attempted to help her recover from the rape. Emily admited Connor raped her. Especially considering her husband looks just like her rapist.

Emily tried to make her marriage work, but admitted her efforts to be intimate with Nikolas were about trying to make him happy then they were about her real feelings. Courtney and Nikolas kiss one night after Nikolas felt rejected by Emily. Courtney and Nikolas book vacations to The Bahamas separately, and are found by their spouses.

Despondent about Elizabeth miscarrying their child, Jax fights Nikolas and decideed to divorce Courtney. Emily decided on divorcing as well, even though she felt her inability to connect with Nikolas aided in their marriage crumbling.

natalia livingston relationship test

Forbidden Love Emily tried to contact her brother Jason who always offered unconditional support when she needed it. Sonny revealed Jason was unreachable. Sonny could tell Emily was deeply upset, and when Emily confided that Nikolas was having an affair, Sonny suspected it was with his sister Courtenay. Sonny invited Emly to stay in his guest house so that she could have time to sort things out. Emily then questioned her decision to become a doctor. Sonny offered support and reaffirmed her faith in herself.

Sonny initially denied having any feelings for Emily and purposefully pushed her away to protect her from himself and his life, and to honor his longtime relationship with her brother, Jason. Truthfully though, he knew he was falling for her too.

No matter how much the town objected to a relationship between them, their feelings were mutual and genuine. Sonny contemplated a relationship with her. Knowing his feelings were real but feeling guilty for having them. The two shared a kiss. Jason convinced Emily a relationship with a mob boss would ruin her life. Sonny staged a kiss between he and his his ex-wife Carly Corinthos. When a virus claims the lives of several of their friends, including Courtney; Sonny and Emily decided to secretly become a couple.

During the course of their relationship, Emily was able to help Sonny come to terms with destructive patterns that created havoc on his life. Emily begins an aggressive chemotherapy treatment. Emily discovers he is in love with her after overhearing a conversation between Nikolas and his wife.

Emily and Nikolas confess their feelings for each other, but decide not to act on them because of her illness. Monica tells Emily her chemotherapy is destroying her immune system, and Emily is forced to stop treatment. She develops meningitis and believes she is going to die. On her deathbed in her hospital room, Emily marries Zander.

Shortly after, she lapses into unconsciousness and dreams of kissing Nikolas. Buoyed by her dream, Emily recovers and fights her attraction to Nikolas, attempting to make her marriage work.

On Halloween night, Emily confesses her love to Nikolas and they make love. She ends things with Zander. When he proposes to Emily, her family objects in part because he has lost his family fortune. When Alexis attempts to sell Wyndemere, Emily buys it for Nikolas. They meet Sam McCalla shipwreck salvager who tells the couple about a treasure on the sunken ship The Courage, belonging to the Cassadines.

Mob boss Lorenzo Alcazar is the highest bidder, but the treasure is stolen shortly before a fire breaks out at the hotel. When Nikolas gives his seat to Emily on the last helicopter evacuating guests, he is presumed dead, but returns to find Emily recovering in the hospital.

natalia livingston relationship test

Zander is also presumed dead. Ric Lansing believes Nikolas is responsible, but Elizabeth believes she is the culprit after fighting with Zander about custody of their son, Cameron.

When Emily goes to the home she shared with Zander, he reveals he is alive. Zander, who lost his father in the fire, has become mentally unstable and attempts to get Emily to run away with him again. She refuses, and he takes her hostage. When the police surround the cottage, Zander leads Emily outside. He pushes her to safety, and reaches into his pocket, pretending to have a gun. The police shoot Zander, who dies in Emily's arms. While driving, Nikolas, who had just purchased an engagement ring for Emily, learns of the hostage situation and has a car accident, leading everyone to believe he is dead.

Emily convinces Lucky to go on a trip to Mexico that Nikolas had planned for them, and is stunned when she spots Nikolas, who is there with Mary to renew the vows she had made with Connor. Deciding not to force Nikolas' memory to return, Emily confronts Mary back in Port Charles, but decides to keep the truth from Nikolas, remembering the trauma her brother Jason endured because of his memory loss.

When a still amnesiac Nikolas learns his friends and family knew he was and didn't tell him, he rejects them in favor for a life with Mary. Lucky, who had been Emily's support through this ordeal, admits he has romantic feelings for her.

She gently rebuffs his advances. During this time, Emily's beloved grandmother Lila Quartermaine dies, leaving Emily as the sole voice of reason in her dysfunctional family. While Emily decides to become a doctor like her parents, Nikolas recovers his memory, leading to a distraught Mary going insane. A masked Mary goes after Emily, killing Sage Alcazar and another teenager in the process before Nikolas is able to shoot her. Nikolas and Emily become engaged again.

Helena CassadineNikolas' grandmother, attempts to kill Emily, and Nikolas throws Helena over a cliff.

Nikolas & Emily

Emily testifies he was protecting her. When Connor foils their plans, Nikolas turns himself in for Helena's murder.

Nikolas, after being allowed to marry Emily, is sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole. Believing Helena is alive, Emily convinces Connor to pretend he is Nikolas, as she instructs him on the finer arts of being a prince.

Connor becomes obsessed with Emily, and rapes her. Emily then kills Connor in self-defense. Elizabeth and Lucky arrive, and tries to help Emily.

General Hospital - Natalia Livingston as Emily Quartermaine - March 18, 2014

Helena resurfaces and kidnaps Emily, then shoots Lucky, who tries to save Emily. Lucky falls into a coma, and Emily confesses she was raped to her first friend. When Lucky recovers, he moves into Wyndemere with Emily, and attempts to help her recover from the rape. In prison, Nikolas becomes concerned about Emily's reluctance to touch him.

She eventually admits Connor raped her. Helena is captured, though Nikolas is devastated Emily cannot be with him because he looks just like her rapist.

Emily tries to make her marriage work, but admits her responses to Nikolas are faked.

Emily Quartermaine - Wikipedia

Their marriage eventually ends when Emily finds out Nikolas was having an affair with Courtney Matthews. She files for divorce, but admits her coldness aided in her marriage to Nikolas failing. When Sonny learns about Nikolas' affair with Courtney, Sonny's sister, he offers Emily a place to stay. After another train crash, Sonny's ex-girlfriend Reese Marshall dies after not telling Emily about all her symptoms. When Emily questions her decision to be a doctor, Sonny reaffirms her faith in herself.

Emily began to develop feelings for Sonny, who told her he did not feel the same, despite his growing romantic interest. Emily saves Michael CorinthosSonny's son, from drowning. Sonny contemplates a relationship with her.

natalia livingston relationship test

Jason is able to convince Emily a relationship with a mob boss would ruin Emily's life. Sonny and Emily decide to secretly be a couple, but they end up becoming fodder for tabloids. Emily helps Sonny face his diagnosis of bipolar disorderand go into therapy. Soon after, though, Sonny ends their relationship. Alone again, Emily throws herself into her studies. She reconnects with Nikolas, who was now a single father to his and Courtney's son, Spencer Cassadinefollowing Courtney's death.

They bonded while taking care of Spencer.

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When Spencer was kidnapped by Helena, Emily helped Nikolas rescue him by briefly letting Helena take her hostage. Spencer was rescued, and Nikolas named Emily as Spencer's godmother.

The two decide to rekindle their romance, but are caught in a hostage crisis at the Metro Court Hotel. Jerry Jacksgoing by the name of Mr. Craig, holds the two and several of their friends hostage with a bomb in order to get a package in the hotel's security vault. When Elizabeth goes into premature labor and her father Alan has a heart attack, Emily is forced to choose which one would be released.

With Elizabeth's urging, Alan is released, but his heart attack proves fatal. Jerry goes on to inject Nikolas with a poison requiring a daily antidote. When Nikolas starts experiencing periods of rage where he begins to black out, Emily convinces Nikolas to have tests performed.

He insists on throwing a ball first to honor their renewed love. Dubbing it a Black and White Ball, he invites all of their friends. The night of the ball, Nikolas proposes to Emily. Crazed mafia don Anthony Zacchara breaks into the ball, and terrorizes the guests. During Zacchara's rampage, Nikolas experiences another blackout.

natalia livingston relationship test

Jason ties him to a chair to protect the other guests, and takes Emily to the stables to protect her. Emily leaves, though, and finds Nikolas, who has broken free.