Not happy in relationship pregnant girlfriend

not happy in relationship pregnant girlfriend

happy pregnant couple. Image Source/ Use of this site and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Always seek the. I don't feel like my pregnant girlfriend is happy with our relationship. I have stopped mentioning sex cause i know its not going to happen. Your lady friend just told you she's pregnant. Don't panic. Here's how to respond to your girlfriend, hookup buddy, or complete Hint: It's not the first thing that comes to mind. . Situation: You're in a happy relationship. But not.

My gf is pregnant and I'm not happy with the relationship

Be sure to set aside non-baby time, too. Making his favorite meal or surprising him with a movie date after work will help your partner feel like he's still your number one guy.

not happy in relationship pregnant girlfriend

The intimacy will intensify Getting used to your bodily functions during pregnancy is going to be interesting, and sharing them with your partner could be a new thing for you two. There will be moments when the two of you might be in awe of the life you're creating, you'll bask in love's glow and feel extremely close emotionally -- and then, you might fart.

Be ready to laugh about it with your man. All the burpinggas, and nausea might seem a little embarrassing at first, but it will make you two more connected than ever. Sex might slow way down Romance tends to be pushed to the backburner during the first trimester, when most women feel queasy, exhausted, and downright icky. As the months tick by and your bump becomes bigger, getting busy between the sheets might seem trickier to figure out, but it's important to make it happen.

All content on this Web site, including medical opinion and any other health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. She is aware of all this and when I tell her this, it hurts her and she said I'm being influenced by them. But the truth I fight with her so much that I've become such an angry man. I abuse her verbally by shouting and using swear words not at her directly and this is not the person I was before.

I am happy to know that I'm a father but we fought again and we said so many things to hurt each other. She even said that she will never let me see my child. I don't know what should I do now. When I want to be a responsible bf and father, she said I'm giving her hope with the relationship. I told her honestly, it seems that we can't solve our relationship problems but I'd like to be there for her.

not happy in relationship pregnant girlfriend

Yet I still fight with her and it's stressing me out. So, what can you do? There may be an underlying, undisclosed problem - particularly if there appears to be absolutely no logical sense to his argument. Also, he may not see it as 'cool' to discuss his fears, particularly now that you're more in need.

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However, you can only begin to address the problem when you know what it is. If you get the opportunity, discuss your thoughts on parenthood together Importantly, do this without any judgement, pointing the finger or criticising your partner in any way. This is has to be a 'safe' conversation, you're giving your partner space to adapt themselves to the new reality.

I know, you it's not what you have wanted! But, this is your new reality at the moment. Talk to a trusted person Look for a wise, non-judgemental friend in your own environment to off-load and to get a different perspective. Once you start opening up to people about your despair, you may find some people's response disappointing.

However, my clients so often commented that there were people they'd never expected it from who were hugely supportive. Learn to meditate You can only really problem-solve if you're calm. It will be of huge benefit to your baby too, and help you to stay calm and focussed during the delivery. Continue to communicate respectfully Do it for yourself, at the very least - however difficult at this time.

not happy in relationship pregnant girlfriend

At least you go to bed at night with your dignity in tact. I know, you should have been able to rely on your partner unconditionally, that is how it's supposed to be. However, now that you're in this situation, you've got to do 'whatever' to make it easier on yourself.

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That makes you very vulnerable, and don't forget - you can't change him anyway. Some will be good with practical support, some with emotional support, while others will take your mind of your problems by making you laugh.

You can do with all the help you can get right now. Consider getting professional help. Ask around if there are free local professional counselling services or connect with an online counsellor. The latter is a paid service, but it is the best I can provide. You deserve support and loving care right now, but if he sadly isn't there for you, take charge! Know that you can get through this and know that excellent communication skills are really going to benefit your baby too.

Aim to attend maternity classes First of all, if you have the opportunity, encourage your partner to come along for one session only, just to see what it's like. Alternatively, go with a friend, or choose a class where partners are not taking part.

Don't skip them - but don't cause yourself pain, either, by putting yourself in a situation where you have to explain yourself. Equally, you could ask a trusted person to accompany you to any appointments if you don't want to go by yourself. Finally Pregnancy can create a great deal of emotional turbulence, both for you and your partner.

You're pregnant and your relationship is falling apart?

It goes hand-in-hand with "change" If your relationship is going through a rocky patch as a result, know that you both need time and space to process your own feelings. You'll both have your own reasons for thinking, feeling and acting the way s you do. You may be able to reconcile your differences, and come together stronger than ever, if you're honest with and respectful of each other.

If that's not possible, then my very best advice to you is to surround yourself with support from other sources, when feel so stressed by your husband or partner's attitude and behaviour. Either way, know that you were born with the innate resources you need to survive, and nurture new life.

Love and Pregnancy: 5 Ways Pregnancy Will Change Your Relationship

Perhaps the journey may not take the route you expected - but there's no reason a different route won't be just as happy, if not happier. I know that's really hard to contemplate right now, because all you want is for someone to grab your partner and tell him to step up to the plate.

But alas, in the absence of that, know that you're far stronger than you think you are right now.