Open relationship hollywood couples

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open relationship hollywood couples

These celebritiess prove that monogamy and open relationships aren't one-size- fits-all. Whether it's on-set infidelity; too much time on traveling; or just the pressures of fame, Hollywood marriages never seem to last. But did these star couples. The only issue is when these celebrity couples are not on the same are many celebrity parents who have tried to have an open relationship.

The two have been together since and married two years after they met. Dean has generally shunned the limelight over the years, but his wife has had plenty to say about their successful relationship.

7 Celebrity Couples That You Didn't Know Have Open Marriages

The two have been surrounded by scandalous rumors over the years, including suggestions that Parton has had affairs with both men and women. However, while Parton has admitted that the two's marriage is an open one, she's insisted that any extramarital relationships haven't included any physical intimacy.

While she and Carl have allowed each other to spend time with and flirt with other men and women, the two only have eyes for each other in the bedroom.

open relationship hollywood couples

Clearly, this approach has been a successful one! While he claimed to be against the idea of having full-on extramarital relationships, the rapper was honest about inviting other women into the bedroom when wife Amber Najm was also present.

The couple apparently had regular threesomes, including with a 'working girl' in Costa Rica. This arrangement worked well for them until T-Pain took things a bit too far. He had a liaison with another woman without Amber's knowledge, an event that resulted in an extra-marital pregnancy! The affair came to light when the love child's mother claimed that T-Pain had neglected to pay her any child support. While the rapper and his wife managed to work through this issue, Najm is now apparently less keen on involving other women in their relationship.

Hawn now apparently has just that with long-time partner Kurt Russell!

open relationship hollywood couples

According to Bill, his daughter Kate's view on monogamy is similarly relaxed, and it's not necessarily been good for her relationships. Back when she was married to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, Hudson was very keen on the two having an open arrangement.

Polyamory worked for them for a while - it worked well with Robinson's rock-and-roll lifestyle and allowed Hudson to play the field. However, things went swiftly downhill when the actress got a bit too close to one of her pieces on the side. Hudson's close bond with actor Owen Wilson was too much for Robinson, and the couple divorced. The pair's relationship began when Ethan was still married to actress Uma Thurman - and Ryan was the nanny to their children!

open relationship hollywood couples

Smith actors had been together for 5 years but had yet to marry. But 2 years after their wedding, news dropped that they were divorcing.

But inThe Chronicles of Narnia actress and the playwright were cohabiting with their 2 children when Kopp moved in. But it's a situation I find very healthy.

Celeb Couples We Had No Idea Were In Open Relationships

I can maintain my life with my children and their father and spend time with the man I've become very fond of. I am very fortunate there has been a lot of understanding by the men. That's not a deal breaker. In T-Pain knocked up a woman outside of their arrangement. We all got things we need to work on. The only issue is when these celebrity couples are not on the same page.

Often times, children can complicate things and not every parent wants to be hooking up with people on a regular basis. That may come across as a bad example for their children.

open relationship hollywood couples

On the other hand, if the parents are not happy together, but they want to work it out for the sake of their children, an open relationship may be an acceptable solution. Their kids get the family dynamic and a healthy home life, but the parents also get to have a little fun. There is nothing wrong with either of these options, but the most important thing is for everyone to be happy, especially the kids who are involved in all of this.

It may be shocking, but there are many celebrity parents who have tried to have an open relationship. The former couple seems to still be close and has even sparked rumors about them having an open relationship.

open relationship hollywood couples

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis each have new spouses at this point, and there is talk that their relationships may not be monogamous either. Demi Moore was caught by paparazzi with another man and eventually confessed to a non-traditional marriage, explaining that she and Bruce are both grown up, free people, who can do what they want. Clearly, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are happy with the dynamic that they have and it works for them.

Ultimately, that is all that matters, and as long as their kids are happy, nobody is getting hurt.

The real list of celebs who have open relationships

Apparently, the couple believes their relationship is based on so much more than simply sexual fidelity. Though they have an open relationship, it seems like they both have chosen not to act on it. According to Jada, she does not believe that loving someone is the same as owning them, and she challenges the idea that ownership is the reason someone should behave. Jada is basically saying that their relationship is based on trust and not on a fear of repercussion.