Premio planeta de novela 2013 bases in a relationship

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premio planeta de novela 2013 bases in a relationship

"Rosa Regàs gana el Premio Biblioteca Breve" [Rosa Regàs Wins the 5 March . The bases were a more. . The Premio Planeta de Novela is a Spanish literary prize, awarded since by . A big added twist during this season was that four of the housemates were in a relationship with a fellow housemate. 15 posts published by javiermariasblog during November sólo tras el gran éxito de esa novela, que resulta innovadora incluso ahora. . (sic); aunque éstas estén repartidas por todo el planeta y no se conozcan entre sí, THE WHITE REVIEW — Speaking of the relationship between the present. rights, drug trafficking and homoaffective relationships were dis- cussed, culminating .. Other formats come after telenovela and series, in , in- cluding, for example Planeta web inteligencia colectiva o me- dios fastfood. tal media in programs such as Premios lo nuestro and Grammy la-.

You feel like doing something similar to what you admire and enjoy. And the only possibility was writing more. Then it was published — it was passed on to someone who said I like this, and it was published.

It was more or less praised, but there was a very frequent objection: Of course then it wasthe fashion was still more or less what was termed the social realistic novel. They wrote terribly boring novels.

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Well-meant possibly, but poor from a literary perspective. So I received this sort of reproach from the critics. But afterwards, I thought, in a way these people are wrong.

I thought that after writing the book, because I was obliged to by the critics. But my initial impulse was to emulate something I liked.

I think my novels are not particularly cold — there are passages which are rather passionate or at least almost lyrical, I would say. You learn a lot and you spend a lot of time with the work.

What is most important of it all, and it has been said many times, is that a translator is a privileged reader, but also a privileged writer. What you do is re-write in a completely different language something that was written by a great writer. The wording is yours — of course you try to be faithful — but you have to choose, always. You know, people have it on their shirts and all that. But there are about seven or eight different possible translations of that into Spanish.

Of course they are represented: You have to choose — you have to rewrite. Borges said that translation was a very modest miracle, but one of the greatest on earth. That the text, having lost everything that made it possible — that is, the original language — could still be the same. What is your conception of syntax? There is a musical element which I cannot disregard when I write, or a cadence, whatever you want. Sometimes I use commas instead of full stops. It has to do with the learning of that formula which said you can say things without a proper verb, only a participle sometimes.

I make these rows of sentence separated only by a comma and some of them are like that in a way. But sometimes I think I need one more syllable here — depending on where the stress goes in the word.

Are music and literature comparable in their effects? The meaning of words is always there, unless you make something very experimental. Music has this marvellous thing. The problem is that a literary text is always too influenced by the meaning of the words you are using, what you are saying, besides cadence. Cadence and rhythm are important, essential even.

Rosa Regàs

Sometimes I have been asked, how do you explain the writer you are — not an easy one to read and all that — and that you have had so many readers. My books have sold over seven million copies throughout the world, which is a lot for an author like myself. That only accounts for Spain in principle, and perhaps that has something to do with my own experience of translating.

Some authors are very contagious in the good sense of the word. Maybe this is why my books are appreciated in other languages, maybe I am the kind of writer who contaminates his translators. Do you see them as stylistically distinct? My narrators are cousins to say the least.

I think that to force that is like looking for subjects, which for me is a ridiculous thing — there are people who are looking for a good story. Looking for subjects is absurd. Of course in some of my novels there are elements that come from facts, but always with an intent to talk about the things that really matter to me, and matter to everyone more or less, even if they are not always very conscious of it.

There are some comical bits in most of my novels and also small jokes or ironies or things like that on the part of the narrator, so I thought maybe if I have this woman doing the same thing my other narrators do, it will seem a little unlikely or like one of them is dressed as a woman. So I was a little shy until a moment where I thought: I have known many women in my life who are very similar in their minds to men — there are very stupid and intelligent men and the same for women, and very intelligent men and women.

premio planeta de novela 2013 bases in a relationship

There are three things my narrators do: So I decided, yeah, why not, she can make some jokes, she can be ironic in a similar way at least. The result has been largely accepted, mainly by women.

I think that some women were happy to see a novel in which the narrator was a woman who was not stressing all the time that she was a woman, which is something that happens very often in novels by men or women. Many female readers of the novel were thankful.

His father was a professor of law at the School of Business of Valladolid, Miguel attended the College of Our Lady of Lourdes in Valladolid, where he finished high school in After the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, he enlisted in as a volunteer in the Navy of the nationalist forces, as a volunteer, he served on the cruiser Canarias, which operated in the Mallorcan region. Inat the end of the war, he returned to his hometown, after finishing his course, he started law studies.

He further enrolled at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios of Valladolid and this helped to improve his artistic skills and to get in a contract as caricaturist of El Norte de Castilla, the leading newspaper of Valladolid and dean of the Spanish daily press.

From that moment the doors to journalism opened for the only year-old Delibes and he published his first newspaper article in El Norte de Castilla, entitled El deporte de la caza mayor and obtained a professional journalist permit infollowing an intensive course in Madrid.

The newspaper appointed him to the post of editor of the criticism section while he continued to make caricatures. Mario Vargas Llosa — Vargas Llosa is one of Latin Americas most significant novelists and essayists, and one of the leading writers of his generation. He writes prolifically across an array of genres, including literary criticism and journalism.

His novels include comedies, murder mysteries, historical novels, several, such as Captain Pantoja and the Special Service and Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, have been adapted as feature films. Many of Vargas Llosas works are influenced by the perception of Peruvian society. Increasingly- however- he has expanded his range, and tackled themes that arise from other parts of the world, in his essays, Vargas Llosa has made many criticisms of nationalism in different parts of the world.

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Another change over the course of his career has been a shift from a style and approach associated with literary modernism, while he initially supported the Cuban revolutionary government of Fidel Castro, Vargas Llosa later became disenchanted with his policies. Shortly after Marios birth, his father revealed that he was having an affair with a German woman, consequently, Vargas Llosa lived with his maternal family in Arequipa until a year after his parents divorce, when his maternal grandfather was named honorary consul for Peru in Bolivia.

With his mother and her family, Vargas Llosa then moved to Cochabamba, Bolivia and his maternal family, the Llosas, were sustained by his grandfather, who managed a cotton farm. As a child, Vargas Llosa was led to believe that his father had died—his mother and her family did not want to explain that his parents had separated, while in Piura, Vargas Llosa attended elementary school at the religious academy Colegio Salesiano. Inat the age of ten, he moved to Lima and his parents re-established their relationship and lived in Magdalena del Mar, a middle-class Lima suburb, during his teenage years.

At the age of 16, before his graduation, Vargas Llosa began working as an amateur journalist for local newspapers, induring the government of Manuel A. He married Julia Urquidi, his maternal uncles sister-in-law, in at the age of 19, Vargas Llosa began his literary career in earnest in with the publication of his first short stories, The Leaders and The Grandfather, while working for two Peruvian newspapers.

Upon his graduation from the National University of San Marcos indespite Mario and Julias unexpected financial status, the couple decided to remain in Paris where he began to write prolifically. Their marriage lasted only a few years, ending in divorce in Nobel Prize in Literature — Though individual works are sometimes cited as being particularly noteworthy, here work refers to an authors work as a whole. The Swedish Academy decides who, if anyone, will receive the prize in any given year, the academy announces the name of the chosen laureate in early October.

Los enamoramientos

Although the Nobel Prize in Literature has become the worlds most prestigious literature prize, many authors who have won the prize have fallen into obscurity, while others rejected by the jury remain widely studied and read. The prize has become seen as a political one - a peace prize in literary disguise, whose judges are prejudiced against authors with different political tastes to them.

premio planeta de novela 2013 bases in a relationship

Tim Parks has expressed skepticism that it is possible for Swedish professors, as of ,16 of the recipients have been of Scandinavian origin. The Academy has often been alleged to be biased towards European, Nobels vague wording for the criteria for the prize has led to recurrent controversy.

In the original Swedish, the word translates as either idealistic or ideal. The Nobel Committees interpretation has varied over the years, in recent years, this means a kind of idealism championing human rights on a broad scale.

He proposed a drastic economic austerity program that frightened most of the country's poor; this program emphasized the need for privatization, a market economy, free trade, and most importantly, the dissemination of private property. The Experience of Freedom".

Focused on the collapse of communist rule in central and eastern Europe, it was broadcast on Mexican television from 27 August to 2 September. Addressing the conference on 30 AugustVargas Llosa embarrassed his hosts by condemning the Mexican system of power based on the rule of the Institutional Revolutionary Party PRIwhich had been in power for 61 years.

Criticizing the PRI by name, he commented, "I don't believe that there has been in Latin America any case of a system of dictatorship which has so efficiently recruited the intellectual milieu, bribing it with great subtlety.

premio planeta de novela 2013 bases in a relationship

Because it is a camouflaged dictatorship. Vargas Llosa has mainly lived in Madrid since the s, but spends roughly three months of the year in Peru with his extended family. Vargas Llosa acquired Spanish citizenship inthough he still holds Peruvian nationality.

The writer often reiterates his love for both countries. In his Nobel speech he observed: If not for Spain, I never would have reached this podium or become a known writer".

In February he stopped supporting the People's Party in favor of the recently created Union, Progress and Democracyclaiming that certain conservative views held by the former party are at odds with his classical liberal beliefs. He has also taught as a visiting professor at a number of prominent universities.

Marquess of Vargas Llosa.