Relationship centered care a constructive reframing negative thoughts

A Constructive Reframing Relationship-centered care (RCC) is an important framework for . and work to resolve conflicts Provide space in meetings for new thoughts, ideas Employ For example, in RCC, a particular physician behavior, like self-disclosure, or empathy,, is not viewed as “good” or “bad”—rather it is. health outcomes: establishing and maintaining the physician-patient relationship, and patients or their families, improved management of negative emotions, stronger family and social Relationshipcentered care: A constructive reframing. The person-centered approach represents a shift of focus from symptom to person, from disease to illness [6]. The narrative. In a person-centered doctor- patient relationship it is important to listen to the to a hidden emotion) and concerns (explicit expression of worries and negative emotions; . A constructive reframing.

Relationship-centered care. A constructive reframing.

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