Relationship counseling center billings mt

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relationship counseling center billings mt

Northwest Counseling services can help you get healthy and get connected again. Resources. Wherever you are in life, there are resources to promote a healthier lifestyle, improve relationships, Address. Avenue D, Billings, Montana. RESULTS Agency: A Relationship Counseling Center. A privately .. These services are provided at Billings Clinic Psychiatric Center on the main campus. Marriage Counseling Therapists in Billings, MT Billings, Montana As I build a relationship with my clients I integrate traditional therapy with innovative.

Most often I see this in my practice with others who are seeking assistance and at times when I am completely unhooked from the trappings of day to day responsibilities. Sustaining it in my personal life is the more difficult task for me. The challenge is maintaining the process and practice in times when I am directed, focused or otherwise targeting my life for change. I have been a driven person in most areas of my life ever since I can remember. I will not go into all the details as to how this developed; what is more important is I know myself to generally be self-centered rather than self-aware in the process of being driven.

relationship counseling center billings mt

I develop tunnel vision rather than allowing the world to open before my eyes. The challenge then for me is to be driven and balanced enough to be mindful in the process.

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I am up for the task and look forward to the journey. I welcome the company and insight of others along the way. I have been inspired by sharing the past three days with awesome colleagues and experiencing a connection with others I was apparently ready to know. Again, it is only through the experience of connecting with others that I can commit to myself and others in my world.

I so appreciate the ability to learn, observe, reflect and evolve in a world around me that also appreciates and respects those abilities in and of itself as well as others.

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What a gift I have in the life I have been granted. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn more about myself, my relationship to others, and a willingness to continue my evolution without evaluation in the journey. More is yet to be revealed I am sure; and for that I am open.

relationship counseling center billings mt

This is the core of how I work with clients. This is the basis for the way I live my life. I have both a deep sensitivity to human suffering and an unshakeable optimism in the strength of the human spirit.

relationship counseling center billings mt

Profound healing is possible when courage and vulnerability of both the client and therapist meet in the therapeutic room. Who Are My Clients? I work best with clients who are committed to change and movement in their lives and who are at a place where they are able to invest the time and energy required to experience this change.

You may already have an understanding that this describes where you are in your life.

relationship counseling center billings mt

More than likely however, you will not truly know this until after you have experienced three or four sessions of our work together; until you have or have not done the recommended work between sessions; and until you can decide whether we are on our way to developing the therapeutic relationship I described earlier. It is reasonable to ask—what if all I am looking for is some support; some encouragement and am not looking to engage in the type of work you describe?

These needs can often be met through friends and other relationships and there are also countless therapists who engage in this important and valuable work. For example, if you visited a physician who specialized in gastrointestinal stomach diseases and later discovered that the problem was with your heart, you would immediately seek the help of a cardiologist.

If, after a few sessions we both conclude that you are seeking more support than therapy from our therapeutic relationship, we will collaborate on a plan to find the most beneficial resources for you to pursue.

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