Relationship problems in early pregnancy

Relationship problems during pregnancy? 20 Possible reasons. 15 Tips

relationship problems in early pregnancy

Anyone else having a rough time in their relationship? This baby was planned but my relationship has since turned volatile due to outside. This can contribute to some major relationship issues during pregnancy. Relationships falling apart while pregnancy is something extremely. The first trimester of a pregnancy is one of the most important and challenging for a relationship. Whether you have only been with the father for.

Those are the women that people love to hate.

relationship problems in early pregnancy

There are some pig-headed men out there that continuously make those horrid comments to their wife, girlfriend, or partner regarding their weight or body while they are pregnant.

That is something that is beyond unbelievable. After all, the woman they just made fun of is carrying their offspring. She is going to be relying on dad a lot more, and expect a lot more from him.

Especially when mom gets to her third trimester, and unless mom goes into a nesting stage, the dad should be the one doing the laundry, taking out the garbage, vacuuming, mopping, and all of that other fun stuff. All mom should be doing is making sure that she is getting some moderate exercise, eating right, and basically just taking care of herself and the baby that keeps growing inside of her belly. If dad is constantly slacking and offering mom no help whatsoever, it is understandable for mom to get upset with him.

If parents are lucky, they are able to start saving money before they bring a baby home. That is not always the case though because a good majority of pregnancies are unplanned. Even with some planned pregnancies, the parents do not always save up some money first. Add a baby to the mix, and it is a recipe for disaster.

When parents are expecting, they have to save up for diapers, formula if they will not be breastfeeding, clothing, baby furniture, and everything else that comes with bringing a newborn home.

relationship problems in early pregnancy

Or for other parents, beyond that because of their good-nature, they continue to help their child, or children, until they are no longer able to. Financial stress during a pregnancy can spell out divorce for far too many marriages. Most husbands avoid talking to their spouses to avoid argument, which makes their spouse feel neglected.

A communication problem develops during pregnancy. In order to have a smooth, argument-free pregnancy try to overcome this issue as soon as possible. Emotional turmoil Dealing with the emotional, mental and physical desires of a pregnant wife can sometimes be super challenging for a husband.

It is important that the husband understands that his wife is going through many mixed emotions and therefore should be slightly more tolerant than the usual. Mood swings and emotional breakdowns are common during pregnancy because of the disturbance at the hormonal level. A husband should prepare for this beforehand because it is not easy at all. Physical change in wife Husbands prefer their wives being sexy and dressed up for them.

But, when a woman is pregnant, the motivation to dress up or even change into fresh clothes somewhat disappears. Many women even feel unattractive and insecure about their bodies.

The timing of your pregnancy will have had an impact on both of you, but perhaps particularly your partner. It may be a problem in itself, or a contributing factor: I know it sounds horrible, but we may as well be honest with each other. All of the above complicate the situation, so just keep this in mind when you consider how best to repair and heal your relationship or marriage.

Your problem is never too small, too big, too silly, too complicated or too embarrassing to discuss with an expert couples counsellor - in confidence. Make use of the opportunity to connect with a professional to get expert relationship help now I may earn a commission from Better Help. You pay the same fee, regardless. Chances are you're both stressed out. So, I'm really hoping that this article will help the two of you calm down and look forward to the birth of the baby with less angst.

I'm also going to assume that an abortion is not an option for you - and that is material for another article.

relationship problems in early pregnancy

If your partner has truly left you, then my breakup articles will be the best help for you right now. So, why might your partner be unhappy? Maybe you never really discussed it. Or if you did, you may have thought he would change. Perhaps you thought he would be delighted the moment he knew you were pregnant. Maybe he felt you've left him with no choice. Why might he be behaving in such a 'selfish' way?

He's fearful of the responsibility of having a child or another one. He's worried about finances: He's already self-conscious and is worried about being shown up in public as a failing dad.

He had a difficult childhood himself and doesn't want to risk putting his own children through a similar situation. He suffers from mental health problems and fears that he may pass that on to the child. He is fearful about passing on a genetic condition common in his family. He suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and can't cope with the additional stress of having a child disrupt his routines and rituals.

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He fears having to compete with the child for your attention. He may be worried that he knows zilch about pregnancy, if this is his first baby. He may think he should know, and worries about being 'found out'. He may be completely at a loss about his role as a dad if this is his first child, particularly if he has grown up without a father, The pregnancy is ill-timed in his mind for whatever reason: He may be miffed about a lack of sex and intimacy.

He may translate your preoccupation with the baby as you not loving him as much as you did before. Or he may remember from a previous pregnancy how you seemed in his mind to be in a world of your own with little attention for him. You may be over the moon, but he may feel a failure.

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Perhaps he had plans to end the relationship. Or maybe he is having an affair. He feels ill-prepared for taking on increased responsibility for your other children. He may have experienced your previous pregnancies and births as difficult, based on what you went through - whether that was a traumatic birth, post-natal depression or any other kind of problem.

relationship problems in early pregnancy

He's having an affair. A combination of any of the above.