Resident evil 3 5 ending relationship

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resident evil 3 5 ending relationship

Her RE3 epilogue and some moments when she's alone in Separate For Ada, she is probably terrified that their relationship would end up with a .. Also I just want to see Leon and Claire in a new post RE and all. It's no secret that Resident Evil 4 is a fantastic, expertly crafted video gaming experience. and when the game concluded with no clear relation to any of the events of However, at the end of the day, to me at least, it felt warranted by the . If you look at early gameplay footage of the original version (). Resident Evil is a action horror film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. The film The film received five sequels: Resident Evil: Apocalypse ( ), Resident Evil: Extinction (), Resident Evil: Afterlife (), Resident Evil: . Chris and Jill were the lead characters, involved in a romantic relationship. Barry.

As he and Mia flee on a boat, they come across the crashed tanker, where they are attacked by the creature and knocked from the boat. Mia searches the wrecked ship for Ethan while experiencing visions of Eveline, who refers to Mia as her mother.

Eventually, Mia's memory is restored, revealing that she was a covert operative for a corporation that developed Eveline as a bioweapon. She infected Mia in an effort to force her to be her mother. Mia finds Ethan and gives him a vial of Eveline's genetic material. If Ethan cured Mia, she resists Eveline's control long enough to seal Ethan out of the ship; if he cured Zoe, Mia succumbs to Eveline's control and attacks Ethan, forcing him to kill her.

Ethan discovers a hidden laboratory inside an abandoned salt mine. He learns that Eveline is a bio-organic weapon capable of infecting people with a psychotropic mold that gives her control over her victims' minds, resulting in insanity, mutation, and superhuman regenerative abilities. Eveline grew up obsessed with having a family, driving her to infect Mia and the Bakers and lure Ethan.

Lucas was immunized against Eveline's control by her creators, The Connections, in exchange for providing observations on her. Using the lab equipment and Eveline's genetic material, Ethan synthesizes a toxin to kill her, and proceeds through tunnels that lead back to the Baker house. He overcomes Eveline's hallucinations, and injects Eveline with the toxin. She reverts to her other form, the elderly woman in a wheelchair; Eveline has been rapidly aging since escaping.

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Eveline mutates into a large monster and, aided by the arrival of a military squad led by Chris RedfieldEthan kills her. The squad extracts Ethan and Mia if she was cured by helicopter branded with the Umbrella Corporation logo. After rescuing Ethan Winters and sending him away on a helicopter, Chris proceeds into Lucas' lab in the salt mine, where he accidentally runs into one of Lucas' traps and has a bomb attached to his left wrist.

Undeterred, Chris continues his pursuit. He tries to rescue several captured Umbrella soldiers, but they are killed by Lucas' traps. Eventually, Lucas decides to activate a timer on Chris' bomb. Chris is forced to freeze the bomb in liquid nitrogendisabling it long enough for him to remove it.

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With the bomb removed, Chris battles his way through more of Lucas' Molded and traps. He then finds his way into a secret Connections research lab, where Lucas had killed all of the Connections researchers and plans to betray the organization.

Chris manages to corner and shoot Lucas, which triggers a mutation in his body. Chris battles and eventually kills the mutated Lucas, and also stops him from transferring all of his data on Eveline to the Connections.

resident evil 3 5 ending relationship

With his mission done and Eveline's infection contained, Chris returns to the Umbrella base camp for an urgent call. End of Zoe[ edit ] Following the path in the main game in which Ethan cures Mia instead of Zoe, Zoe wanders into the swamp and is apparently killed by Eveline; however, a pair of Umbrella soldiers find her body and discover she is still alive.

They are soon ambushed by Joe Baker, Zoe's uncle. Joe initially believes Umbrella is responsible for Zoe's condition, but a surviving Umbrella soldier claims they have a cure for Zoe stored in a nearby shack.

Joe goes to the shack, finding a partial cure, and returns to find the Umbrella soldier killed by a Molded.

resident evil 3 5 ending relationship

Joe initially flees with Zoe on a boat to find the Umbrella base but is soon forced to search for the base on foot. A powerful and seemingly unkillable Molded called the "Swamp Man" pursues them along the way. Joe and Zoe find the Umbrella base abandoned. They learn that the cure has been moved to a nearby paddle boat. Joe boards the boat and, after encountering the Swamp Man once again, uncovers a full dose of the cure. The Swamp Man captures Zoe before Joe can administer the cure.

resident evil 3 5 ending relationship

Joe gives chase into a heavily infected portion of the swamp and finds Zoe in an abandoned church. Jack knocks Joe unconscious and throws him into the swamp water to die.

Joe eventually washes up near the Baker mansion and finds himself in the midst of a battle between the Molded and Umbrella forces.

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He recovers an Umbrella power gauntlet and enters the mansion, where he successfully kills Jack and administers the cure to Zoe just as Umbrella reinforcements arrive, including Chris Redfield. The script also included all the game's monsters, and the team would have to fight each of them. McElroy's script was rejected.

Romero directed a television commercial for the video game Resident Evil 2. The original game's director, Shinji Mikamiwas a fan of Romero and had been influenced by his films. The commercial was only shown in Japan, but impressed Sony enough for them to ask him to write and direct Resident Evil.

Romero stated that he had his secretary play the entire game through and record the gameplay so he could study it as a resource. Romero's screenplay was based on the first Resident Evil game and included characters from the video games. Chris and Jill were the lead characters, involved in a romantic relationship.

Barry, Rebecca, Ada Wongand Wesker were to also appear. The ending to the film would have been similar to the best ending to the first Resident Evil game.

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In interview for Fangoria article about the film, Romero said how he wrote total of five or six different drafts, but his script was rejected as well. Robert Kulzer, head of the production, said in same article how although Romero's script was good, the movie would have been rated X if they went with it. He also said how they thought that McElroy did a pretty good job with his script, but the reason why that one was rejected was because by the time it was finished the second game came out and they felt that the movie based on first game would have been dated and boring.