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russian new zealand relationship

Highly educated Russian immigrants often feel frustrated by the lack of opportunities in New Zealand, but despite finding the going tough most. The economic dimension of the countries' relations is quite limited. In the trade turnover between Russia and New Zealand fell from $ New Zealand–Russia relations refers to bilateral foreign relations between New Zealand and the Russian Federation. New Zealand has an embassy in Moscow.

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Attendee Bill Rosenberg, Council of Trade Unions policy director, said Savage pitched his objections as a matter of principled foreign policy, particularly in relation to the ongoing crisis in Crimea and Ukraine. Rosenberg said the CTU had their own misgivings about such a deal. The diplomatic fracas comes after New Zealand First was successful in coalition negotiations to include a line committing the Government to "work towards" a free trade deal with a bloc dominated by Russia.

The policy change was included almost as a footnote in the recently-signed coalition agreement between Labour and New Zealand First, being the second-to-last item in a list of miscellaneous policies labelled "other" on the agreement's second-to-last page. Public briefing notes from the ministry of foreign affairs and trade said the proposed deal referenced in the coalition agreement had been close to being concluded before it was put on ice March However following the events in Ukraine and Crimea, the negotiations have been suspended.

russian new zealand relationship

Former Prime Minister John Key told the Weekend Herald the abrupt move was done to express New Zealand solidarity with the international response to the events in Crimea. The University of Auckland's Hoadley said the inclusion of the policy in the coalition agreement was "weird" - given it had little public discussion or promotion - and would inevitably "stir considerable controversy".

Hoadley said he was unsurprised by Savage's remarks, although they were unexpectedly frank in linking criticism of thawed relations with Russia to upcoming and long-scheduled negotiations for a free trade agreement between the EU and New Zealand.

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Peters regularly used Parliament's question time during the last term of government to criticise Key over the suspension of the deal and argue for an opening of economic ties with Russia. Questions about the meetings and a request to interview Tereshchenko sent to the Russian Federation embassy in Wellington this week went unanswered.

russian new zealand relationship

Brownlee said ambassadors meeting members of parliament was not unusual. Generally these meeting are to advance understand between countries, not to become opportunities for lobbying. Peters confirmed meeting Tereshchenko, but said he was only one envoy among many.

The former Russian president asked a staffer who made a quick calculation. Because of the many past conflicts involving the Russian and British empires, New Zealanders came to view Russians as adversaries.

During the Cold War days when New Zealand was firmly part of the Western alliance, these prejudices hardened.

russian new zealand relationship

In fact, during the Russia-Georgia war inright wing talk radio hosts were frothing at the mouth, blaming the Russians for causing trouble in the Caucasus. The locals were alarmed to read the crew of the Kaskowiski had seized gold and taken the mayor as hostage.

New Zealand–Russia relations

Ina full-blown Russian scare grew out of Anglo—Russian rivalry in Afghanistan and led to the building of major fortifications near coastal cities. The first immigrants from the Soviet Union who came here were the pro-Tsarist White Russians fleeing the communist regime.

It is this community that is now rapidly integrating, establishing clubs, cafes, restaurants and businesses. Though Russians love to talk, not everyone was willing to speak freely for this story.

NZ govt considers further measures against Russia

They represent three entirely different perspectives. Olga and Alexander Barbin: Thumbs up Alexander and Olga with their children Oleg and Dasha. It seemed like a good idea at that time. Their problem is nostalgia. Alexander had come as an expat, having got a job as a sales manager in an American company based in New Zealand.

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But there are other concerns. Nostalgia, however, led to enterprise. The company produces delicious Russian dumplings called pelmeni.

It now employs three full time staff and can count leading supermarkets among its clients. However, the family manages to explore the pristine countryside when time allows. Overall, Olga, Alexander and the children remain in a positive mood. Russia is always tugging and the sense of having drifted from their beloved country is ever-present but they take it in their stride.