Russian syrian relationship history on facebook

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russian syrian relationship history on facebook

Relations between Syria and the Kremlin have never been better – and now even Damascus is festooned with 'St George ribbons' to mark the. (35), № Political sciences Политология UDC 32 Historical Background and the Present State of the Russian-Syrian Relations 1 Elvin. Russia–Syria relations refers to the bilateral relationship between Russia and Syria. Russia . Further information: Modern history of Syria § Ba'athist Republic of Syria today. Bashar Al Assad with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Since its designation, violence has escalated. The failure to end the war has done enormous damage to the international institutions that have shaped global affairs since It has altered the strategic power balance in fundamental ways, permanently changing the world we live in.

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Too often, self-interest outweighs considerations of the greater good. When Donald Trump ordered a one-off cruise missile strike on Syrian military facilities last April after the Khan Sheikhun atrocity, he did so without seeking UN consent. The failure of the UN system and, separately, of the International Criminal Court to uphold binding treaties such as the Chemical Weapons Convention or prosecute alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity has also done lasting harm.

Carla Del Ponte, the experienced war crimes prosecutor, resigned in frustration last August from a UN commission of inquiry. Russian obstructionism was thwarting the search for justice, she said. It has re-established Moscow as an influential Middle East player. And it has negative implications for western relations with key players such as Turkey, Iran and Egypt.

He was forced to accept large numbers of refugees. But his policy now is dictated by national interest. Yet this is not surprising.

The epic failure of our age: how the west let down Syria

American dithering over Syria has invited such acts of defiance. The first event which reinforced the rapprochement between USSR — Syria has been the Suez crisis and the prestige of the Soviets has increased in the Middle East thanks to that crisis which broke out in Cooperation between USSR and Syria has deepened further by meas of military and economic strategic agreements.

Syria has perceived that pact as a pact against itself and approached to the Soviets more closely. In deed the consequence of Baghdad pact was not only the approach of Syria to USSR but also the separation of the Middle Eastern countries as the satellites of the eastern and western blocs at the same time. The relations of the Soviets with the Syria of Hafez Assad Hafez Assad has made his first visit to a foreign country after his accession to power by visiting Moscow on February This visit was a indication of the importance that the Syrian government has attributed to the Soviets.

Syria had already a military and economic relation with the Soviet Union for 15 years as of that date. However Hafez Assad has managed to raise those relations to a higher level. A listening station and a naval and air base in the heart of the Middle East.

russian syrian relationship history on facebook

The reasons that led Hafez Assad to continue the alliance ties with the Soviets and engage in more cooperation with it are the following. The fact that Syria has established its economic and military structure according to the Soviet model almost since gaining its independence 3. The closeness of the Hafez Assad government to the Soviet regime in ideological terms 4.

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Make use of the aids of the eastern block We may say that the support extended by USSR to Syria in that period had two main reasons 1.

The strategy which had as its target to use Syria, which exhibited anti—imperialist and anti-western attitudes and opposed the rival pole in the bipolar World system, and spread these thoughts in all Middle-Eastern countries and cause the loss of positions of the western bloc in the region in this way.

russian syrian relationship history on facebook

The necessity for the Soviet to have an influence zone in the eastern Mediterranean for the purpose of maintaining the nuclear balance. USA could upset that balance by installing nuclear missile warheads in its submarines in the eastern Mediterranean.

The treaty of amity and cooperation containing 15 articles and signed between Syria and Soviets on October 8, just after Camp David Treaty that has been signed on March 26, is the highest level document which has been signed between Russia and Syria.

According to the article 5 of the said treaty the parties shall promptly contact each other. As shall be understood from the article 5, that treaty was a guarantee treaty for Syria.

According to the European Researcher,Vol. If we want to make a short definition of the foreign policy strategies of Syria during the cold war we see that the great part of those strategies have been sharpened within the framework of close relations with USSR.

In when Syrian president Hafez Assad had become aware of the fact that a turning point has come during his short visit to the Soviets, Gorbachev gave Assad the message that Syria was no more the only ally of USSR in the Middle East. Soviets s begun to withdraw its military experts from Syria following that meeting. In Syria has understood that Soviets breathed its last decided to attack Iraq by joining the international alliance led by USA during the Gulf crisis.

The relations with the Soviets were now only a matter of formality. The military and economic aid provided by the former USSR was no more provided by its successor, i.

russian syrian relationship history on facebook

However the Russian submarine base Tartus still maintained its existence and Russian generals continued to be the military and strategic consultants of the Syrian army. Putin begun attributing an importance to Syria when he uncluttered Russia and began a strategy of return to the old days. Generally we may list the leading factors that determine the importance of the Middle-east in the foreign policy of modern Russia as follows: Rich oil and natural gas sources of the region attract the attention of Russia just as other big Powers.

The idea that the dimensions and production capacity of those sources do not only feed the World economy, but they are also so important that the World economy would not exist at all without them. The fact that trade routes that unite Europe with the South, southeastern and east Asian countries, which have caught a successful development trend pass through the Middle-eastern region.

russian syrian relationship history on facebook

This region is a region that may have an influence on the internal security of Russia. In deed radical Islamic currents and the attacks in the Northern Caucasia are supported by the sources in the Middle-East to a great extent both in material as well as spiritual terms. Russia worries about the activities of USA and its allies in this region.

russian syrian relationship history on facebook