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Jul 8, When Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas finally ends its run tomorrow, Jericho feels relief, more than anything, that he will no longer have to put up with. Never Ending, ending!! 7/2/hour. Jumaat lepas soap opera Sanay' wala nang wakas (Hope there is no ending) betul-betul dah habis. As my prediction. Jun 8, Page 3 of 3 - [Philippines] Sana'y Wala Ng Wakas - posted in Other Asian I hope they end up together in the end posavski-obzor.infoeed ograceykiss " dominador" the place their relationship begun and now the place.

SWNW: Ara begs Christian to let her go

September 29, The much anticipated finale expertly tied up loose ends and gave chemistry teacher-turned-meth kingpin Walter White Bryan Cranston his revenge and redemption. The last episode begins with Walt at his lowest point, dying and alone. Not one to go gently into that good night, Walt takes a final stand and brilliantly disposes of his enemies.

Unhappy Endings: 10 of the Best and Worst TV Series Finales Ever

He slips poisonous ricin into Lydia's tea. In between, he was able to make amends and say a bittersweet goodbye to his wife Skyler Anna Gunn. As Walt lay dying, mortally wounded from a bullet, he has the faintest hint of a smile on his face. February 28, This long-running medical dramedy about a mobile Army surgical hospital tending to the wounded in the Korean War holds the record for most-watched television series finale of all time, with million people tuning in.

Unhappy Endings: 10 of the Best and Worst TV Series Finales Ever |

Mixing tragedy Hawkeye's breakdown and the devastating reason behind it and comedy Klinger, who was always scheming to get out of Korea, falls in love and decides to staythe show ended its run with a touching farewell.

As Hawkeye Alan Alda leaves the camp on a helicopter, he sees a note his best friend B. Mike Farrell left for him: It was the perfect way for the show to say goodbye. May 20, First, a short synopsis: Stephanie Anne Curtisher best friend, falls in love with the suave Andrew. She learned to bury things as they are. Ara must now confront her unfinished business with Christian… While stranded again on the same island they are captured by the rebels and Christian is been tortured by the rebels.

They are rescued by Leo and they escape with help from a disgruntled rebel. Christian is then shot in the leg just as Leo's brother Ramon and the military arrives to save them. Ara is then fatally shot in the chest by the rebel leader. The rebel leader is then shot to death by the military in response.

What lies beneath their intertwined past? Cast and characters Main Characters: He falls in love with Ara, not knowing that she holds a past that could ruin them altogether.

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She falls in love with Christian, not knowing that this will cause her great pain. And Ramon is his younger brother. They are a product of a broken family since their mother left them at an early age to marry someone else in America. Both brothers were left under the care of Don Marcelo.