Sociology relationship with other social sciences ppt

The Relationship of Sociology with Other Social Sciences

sociology relationship with other social sciences ppt

Sociology and its differences with other social sciences. by kamran. with only those social relationships which are economic in character. Relation of Sociology with Other Social Sciences! It endeavours to study the social life as a whole. But the social life is so complex that it is impossible to isolate. Sociology is such a vastly dynamic field, that to limit it's definition to a few words would be an injustice to it. It is one of the several social.

However, sociology could be distinguished from other social sciences related to its contents and the emphasis is given on them. There are many parallels amongst almost all fields of sciences.

In order to study these parallels, one must know to what extent and on what terms do they differ. Where political science deals with the problems of city or state in which men live; sociology focuses on the social lives and emotions related to the masses. Both are concerned with the study of the society but the opinions being subjectively different. Whichever decision the government takes it is always regulated by the society and for the society.

Any law is constructed, enforced or implemented because it has something to do with the masses. Relationship between sociology and economics Categorically speaking, Economics is the study of goods and services. Not forgetting that these economic processes and changes are largely determined by the social environment itself. Economics is concerned with the material wealth of man, and depending on his wealth it is determined that where he should be placed in the society. His respect, status, and class are all results of his monetary possessions.

The relationship between Sociology and History: Everything or subject has deep roots which can only be known by studying their history.

In order to know the sociology of something, it is necessary to know their history and they both are intimately related. Social institutions are in a way inherited from the past. The transformation of Varna to Jati is an example of this reliability because of historical evidence and sources present. Jati was the outcome of societal changes. Without Sociology, history also cannot be understood.

History is the most primitive historical event alive. It only studies the organised society. Sociology depends on political science. Each and every social problem has a political cause. Political Science is a part of sociology. Hence sociology depends on political science to comprehend itself. To understand different political events sociology takes the help from political science.

Any change in the political system or nature of power structure brings changes in society. Hence Sociology takes the help of political science to understand the changes in society.

Foundations of Sociology Relation of Sociology to other social sciences.

Hence both are inter-dependent. Similarly political science also depends on Sociology.

sociology relationship with other social sciences ppt

To understand the part it is necessary to understand the whole. Almost all political problems has a social cause and for the solution of these political problems political science takes the help of sociology.

State frames its rules, regulations and laws on the basis of social customs, tradition and values. Without Sociological background the study of political science will be incomplete.

sociology relationship with other social sciences ppt

Political Scientists largely benefited by the researches and research methods of the Sociologist. Some consider political science as a branch of Sociology. State is considered as a social group hence is a subject of Sociology. Besides, there are some common topics which are being studied by both the subjects. These topics are War, Propaganda, authority, communal riots and law.

With the help of both political science and sociology a new subject comes into existence which is known as political sociology.

sociology relationship with other social sciences ppt

Some political events like war are also significant social events. Thus both political science and sociology contribute to each other. But inspite of their inter-relationship and inter-dependence both the sciences differ from each other in the following way. As a mother of social sciences sociology has close and intimate relationship with all other social sciences. Accordingly it has close relationship with history.

Because present society bears symbols of past.

Relationship of sociology with other social sciences

Relationship between the two is so close and intimate that scholars like G. Von Bulow have refused to acknowledge sociology as a science distinct from history. Sociology is the science of society.

It is a study of systems of social action and their inter-relations. Sociology is a science of social groups and social institutions. History studies the important past events and incidents. It records men past life and life of societies in a systematic and chronological order.

Foundations of Sociology Relation of Sociology to other social sciences. - ppt download

It also tries to find out the causes of past events. It also studies the past political, social and economic events of the world. It not only studies the past but also establishes relations with present and future. Both study the same human society. Their mutual dependence led G. At the same time one depends on the other for its own comprehension.

History helps and enriches Sociology. History is the store house of knowledge from which Sociology gained a lot. History provides materials sociologists use. History is a record of past social matters, social customs and information about different stages of life. Sociology uses this information. Books written by historians like A.

Toynbee are of great use for Sociologists. To know the impact of a particular past event sociology depends on history. Similarly Sociology also provides help to history and enriches it. A historian greatly benefited from the research conducted by Sociologists. Historians now study caste, class and family by using sociological data. Sociology provides the background for the study of history.

Now history is being studied from Sociological angle.

sociology relationship with other social sciences ppt

Every historical event has a social cause or social background. To understand that historical event history need the help from Sociology and Sociology helps history in this respect.

Sociology provides facts on which historians rely on. Thus history and Sociology are mutually dependent on each other. History is now being studied from Sociological angle and Sociology also now studied from historical point of view.

Historical sociology now became a new branch of Sociology which depends on history. Similarly Sociological history is another specialized subject which based on both the Sciences.

But in spite of the above close relationship and inter-dependence both the sciences differ from each other from different angles which are described below. But history deals with the past events and studies the past society. Sociology includes history within its scope.

Sociology is mother of all social sciences. Hence it has close relationship with all social sciences and so also with Economics. The relationship of sociology with economics is very close, intimate and personal. There exists close relationship between these two because economic relationships bear a close relation to social activities and relationships. Likewise social relationships are also affected by economic relationships.

Economic activities to a great extent are social activities. Hence both are mutually related. It is concerned with the association of human beings. But Economics deals with economic activities of man.

It is a science of wealth and choice. It also studies the structure and functions of different economic organizations like banks, markets etc. It is concerned with the material needs of man as well as his material welfare. However, there exists a great deal of inter-relationship between these two sciences. Both are interdependent and inter-related with each other. Their inter-relationships are as follows: Economics takes the help of Sociology. For its own comprehension economics takes the help of sociology and depends on it.

Economics is concerned with material welfare of man which is common welfare. Economic welfare is a part of social welfare. For the solution of different economic problems such as inflation, poverty, unemployment etc. At the same time society controls the economic activities of man. Economics is greatly benefited by the research conducted by Sociologists like Max-weber, Pareto etc. Some economists also consider economic change as an aspect of social change.

Economic draws its generalization basing on the data provided by Sociology. Thus economics cannot go far or develop without the help of Sociology. Similarly Sociology also takes the help from economics. Economics greatly enriches sociological knowledge. An economic factor greatly influences each and every aspects of social life. Knowledge and research in the field of economics greatly contributes to sociology.

Each and every social problem has an economic cause. For the solution of social problems like dowry, suicide etc. Sociologists take the help from economics. Marx opines economic relations constitute the foundation of Society. Economic factors play a very important role in every aspect of our social life that is why Sociologists concerned with economic institutions.

For this reason Sociologists like Spencer, Weber, Durkheim and others have taken the help from economics in their analysis of social relationships. Thus both sociology and economics are very closely related with each other. There are some problems which are being studied by both sociologists and economists.