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I practice Nichiren Buddhism with Soka Gakki International (SGI). Study Share Buddhism Share Our Experiences Continuing in Our Practice guidance on beautiful relationship | cherryblossom Before Marriage, Happy Marriage, Relationship . Mantra, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Guidance, Positive Thoughts, Karma. Wishing everyone a very Happy Soka Gakkai day! It was on May 3, . I loved the experience and the hospitality of all the caring hearts at the centre! I am so. The Gosho Letter to Jakunichi-bo speaks of karmic relationship, vis-à-vis the As we practise together with others and share experiences, this is tangible.

But I also chanted to be strong enough to face the state of our lives. In addition to being without a phone, we hardly had money for food. In many ways, I felt protected as I continued to carry out my leadership responsibilities during this time. Although I felt so ashamed about my personal situation that I would have preferred to clean the bathrooms rather than smile, I realize now that those efforts to encourage and welcome people allowed me to break through the darkness within my own heart.

At the end of every meeting, I left in high spirits. Because of our financial situation, he said I could not go. I succeeded in raising enough money to go but had only five dollars left to take care of my expenses in Los Angeles for one week!

Just before I got out of the car, he pulled a three-inch wad of money out of his pocket and fanned it in my face. It took every ounce of life force I had to walk in the door to face the awaiting young women, knowing that I had the responsibility to encourage them. On the plane to Los Angeles, one of my seniors in faith found me crying. I felt humiliated as I shared my experience. But he encouraged me to hold my head up and be proud of my remaining five dollars. He said I was proving the validity of Nichiren Buddhism by facing my struggles.

Overcoming Karma – Finance, Relationships, Sickness – Daimoku First

He even encouraged me to bring back change! I felt defeated, as if I did not deserve to be there. During that dinner, President Ikeda told us to develop the type of fortune with which we could live off the interest in our savings accounts. My spirits were buoyed by his guidance, and when I returned home to Ohio, change from that five-dollar bill was still in my pocket. To Leave or Not to Leave The situation at home went from bad to worse. He both sold and used drugs, and he crashed our car.

My leader, however, urged me to stop blaming my husband for my unhappiness. Finally, I reached out to seek guidance from a senior in faith. I was miserable and determined to get a divorce. He said each negative encounter with David provided me with an opportunity to see my own life. David, he said, was my barometer of what I needed to change in myself. He encouraged me to chant to take percent responsibility to change my karma, without blaming or holding a grudge against David.

He then related to me the story of an encounter between second Soka Gakkai president Josei Toda and a woman whose husband had violently opposed her practice. President Toda advised her: Looking at your situation from a deeper point of faith, it could be likened to the interval between winter and spring, or nothing more than a changing of the tides from low to high.

If your husband, however, should never change despite your devoted faith, he himself will opt to leave. Then you can divorce him. I am not saying that you should not divorce him. Nor am I saying you should do so. For you to prove the validity of this faith, I want you to sincerely do your best for one year, or at least six months, to shape the nucleus of your family revolution. Try to carry through the practice of faith valiantly for the sake of changing your misfortune for the better.

I guarantee you with my whole life that things will change for the better. I was ready to leave David now! Otherwise, I would likely marry another man just like David. In fact, it was not the first time someone had opposed my practice.

My parents, too, had been against my practice when I first started chanting. Breaking the Chains of Karma I chanted to become more compassionate and understanding.

I increased my efforts to listen to and support the members that I was responsible for. Every time I wanted to complain about my home situation, I chanted three times instead. I was determined to overcome once and for all whatever tendencies in my life had caused me to live in this emotionally abusive environment.

During this time, I developed the ability to chant no matter what was going on around me.

Testimonial Sharing: Overcoming Relationship Karma by Barbara E. Jenkins, USA

I forged an unshakeable resolve that no one could ever take my Buddhahood from me. Within it contains some old testimonials when Soka Gakkai and Nichiren Shoshu is still intact. Hope this binder and the ones to come and inspire you to overcome your difficulties and problems in life. So the profound question: In the simplest terms, it is what goes around, which comes around.

In most plants, the fruit develops after the flower has bloomed and the petals of the flower have fallen away.

Overcoming Karma – Finance, Relationships, Sickness

The fruit of the lotus plant, however, develops simultaneously with the flower, and when the flower opens, the fruit is there within it. This illustrates the principle of the simultaneity of cause and effect; we do not have to wait to become someone perfect in the future, we can bring forth the power of the Mystic Law from within our lives at any time.

The principle of the simultaneity of cause and effect clarifies that our lives are fundamentally equipped with the great life state of the Buddha and that the attainment of Buddhahood is possible by simply opening up and bringing forth this state.

Sutras other than the Lotus Sutra taught that people could attain Buddhahood only by carrying out Buddhist practice over several lifetimes, acquiring the traits of the Buddha one by one.

The Lotus Sutra overturns this idea, teaching that all the traits of the Buddha are present within our lives from the beginning.