Spice up boring relationship

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spice up boring relationship

Here are 14 ways to ensure your relationship doesn't become boring. 24 Ways You Can Immediately Spice Up Your Sex Life . "It may sound boring, but after chasing around our toddler all day I don't usually have. MomJunction tells you how to spice up your relationship in 23 different 20 years, your relationship need not become boring or get stagnant.

While you may say those special three words, there needs to be meaning behind them. Kiss each other in public. Be flirtatious and playful. Surprise him by dressing up nicely and see just how often his eyes land on you. Set goals and strive to reach them. Maybe plan to buy a home in a new neighborhood, work towards a healthier lifestyle, or redecorate a room in your apartment.

5 Quick and Practical Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

Ambition is important in a relationship. Sometimes a relationship can go south when the people involved stop listening and sharing with each other. Share your ideas, your future plans, and always keep an open mind and ears. Plan a surprise date. Trick your boyfriend into going on a date with you, like old times.

How to Spice Things Up When You’re Bored in a Relationship

Spend some time apart. Spending too much time together can cause a relationship to get boring. Go out one night with the girls and take some time apart from your guy.

spice up boring relationship

Missing each other will keep your relationship full of emotion. Try new things in the bedroom. Sex and physical attraction are important in an exciting relationship. Many argue that if you can keep things creative in this department, your partner will never get bored.

spice up boring relationship

Here is what you can try: Read books and different materials on sex and then experiment with your partner. Have a naked day! Pick a day of the week when you can both afford to stay all day indoors.

The rule is simple, you both have to be naked all day, relax and watch it play out. Sex in the bedroom can be romantic, but it gets boring quickly. Try this - For a week, no sex in the room! Try the kitchen, the couch, the shower, anywhere but the bedroom. Keep it in your pants, oral pleasure only. You both have to commit to keeping it in your pants. This means he cannot use his junk, and you have to find ways to pleasure him without your va-jay-jay. Get away from friends, family, kids, and anyone or anything that has denied you alone time.

spice up boring relationship

A cheap hotel just outside of town will do. Make a checklist of things to do on the trip. Hit the beach, go to a restaurant, see a movie, go sight seeing, play board games in your hotel room, just do something.

spice up boring relationship

Exchange mobile phones and all electronic devices, Set a naughty penalty for the use of your devices. If he wants 5 minutes with his phone, he has to spend 5 minutes extra on foreplay tonight.