Star trek 2009 spock ending a relationship

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star trek 2009 spock ending a relationship

MoviesStar Trek: And now it was coming to an end. a request for Jim to give up meat to Spock ending their not-so-secret relationship. [Star Trek] The REAL reason that Spock and Uhura become a when Vulcan was destroyed, leaving him free to romance Uhura. . This is from the script . Their relationship is also an homage to the original series. In the script of Star Trek, Uhura gave Spock, on the transporter, "a small In , Spock and Uhura had ended their relationship after Spock began considering leaving Starfleet to help .. Nyota Uhura to James Kirk (Star Trek Into Darkness).

After all, no important contemporary director has done more to torpedo basic ideas about authorship than J. His filmography thus far comprises a threequel, an elevenquel, a twelvequel, and a sevenquel.

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Super 8 looks more like E. Or maybe you think the true Abrams is the marketing impresario behind the Cloverfield campaigns, that running cross-media saga of viral teases and grabby trailers and wiki-baiting mythology and other fun stuff that ultimately has nothing to do with the weird, tough-hearted, minor-key Cloverfield movies.

But we are now 10 years into the career of J. Abrams, Film Director, and a pattern is beginning to emerge in his directorial efforts. Abrams can create, but he prefers to curate.

star trek 2009 spock ending a relationship

His two greatest commercial successes are refined variations of franchises gone wrong. You imagine him watching, say, Star Trek Insurrection, and saying: But the film has developed a good reputation — it plays better on television — and it led to a pair of Abrams-produced Missions, which gave Tom Cruise a blockbuster second act and gave Paramount executives something to talk about besides Transformers.

This is all to say: His reboot strategies shift. Abrams likes to cast young unknown beauties as his leads, and he requires them to play a combination of loud farce, athletic physicality, and heroic melancholy.

Gearhead sorta-orphans with grand destinies, adopted by doomed space-captain father figures, capable of elaborate feats of badass stamina but nevertheless sweetly approachable and self-deprecatory, like someone cast Chandler Bing as Jason Bourne. Should we start with Kirk, then? In the process, he discovered Khan floating in the Botany Bay. This happened much earlier in the rebooted Trek universe than it did in the original Trek, where Kirk and the Enterprise gang found the ship during their 5-year mission.

He brought Khan into the Starfleet fold, using his pre-utopian knowledge to build new weapons and ships. A man who was armed by one government to fight another governmentwho wound up turning on his former allies.

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But the film went even deeper into Trek lore for its most moving scene — a sequence which directly recalled, and simultaneously flipped, the most moving scene from Wrath of Khan: As the Enterprise fell to earth, a member of the crew had to make the ultimate sacrifice. But not just any member of the crew. Kirk died heroically saving his work-family from a falling spaceship. In the original Khan, of course, Spock died doing just about the same thing: Exposing himself to radiation in order to restore power to the warp drive.

The stars streaking in the window as the Enterprise flew past at warp speed made his stomach queasy. He never understood what was so calming about that sight, it just made him want to hurl. Jim, for his part at least, didn't seem surprised that McCoy had found him. Kirk had taught him one thing, it was that beating around the bush never got them anywhere. McCoy leveled his gaze at the now seasoned Captain and crossed his arms over his chest. I heard about what happened in the Mess, now what's going on?

star trek 2009 spock ending a relationship

Did the hobgoblin break things off? Leaning his head against the wall behind him, he glanced up at McCoy and, realizing the doctor was not going to let the subject drop, released a long breath and closed his eyes. McCoy's eyebrows raised half-way up his forehead, and shaking his head with a sigh, he too slid down the wall to sit next to Jim.

Jim didn't respond but Leonard took his silence as an affirmative. He's an amazing guy Bones, and I know I've never felt this way about anyone before. But you already know that, don't you? Well I sure as hell ain't normal. Bones chuckled and rolled his eyes, "Alright, ya caught me there ya little shit. But it really is. Then, after things had settled back down, quietly Jim voiced, "What if he really doesn't like what he finds out?

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If they did not know, beyond reason, that nothing could make them adore and respect this person any less. Leonard hugged back, squeezing Jim tight just for good measure. And then, because he decided they both needed to cheer up, "I am fully expecting to receive a formal invitation naming me as best man.

star trek 2009 spock ending a relationship

I believe somewhere, there is a nervous half-Vulcan in need of an answer. Jim had spent maybe fifteen minutes searching for his First Officer when he almost literally ran him over exiting a lift. Hey, I've been looking for you, listen-" "No Jim please, allow me.

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I consulted Lieutenant Uhura and she postulated the reason you left so abruptly was in direct correlation to the manner in which I asked you such an important question. I had not considered the emotional ties to the bonding rituals practiced on Earth; perhaps if I were to pose my question while down on one knee-" "No Spock," Jim chuckled, "It wasn't the way you asked.

If you are not willing or desiring of a bond-" "No no no, Spock no. And the easiest way to deal with a lot of them: So I would make connections, spend a night or two with someone, and then leave.

The longest relationship I had before this lasted three weeks, and we didn't see each other for most of it. There are things I've done that I'm not proud of and things that have happened that have had a lasting effect on me. And I understand that you'll find all this out-" He couldn't force himself to say when because it wasn't a certainty yet, "Well I pretty much know how a Vulcan bond works, but I wouldn't want you to find out that way.

I don't want you to find out all this shit about my life unless I'm the one who tells you. It's weird, it's illogical, both are things you yourself have said you like about me, so. Jim paused a moment in thought before nodding once in affirmation. The door swished open and Jim was quick to begin pacing back and forth in front of the bed. Spock walked calmly to sit on the half of the bed whose sheets were slightly more in order before cocking his head to the side and waiting expectantly.

Jim released a long, extended sigh and tapped his hand nervously against his thigh. Should I go first? My father told me emotions run very deeply within the Vulcan race, and as such I had a much harder time controlling them than my full-blooded classmates and peers. He swallowed thickly, and his gaze darted to the floor, "My mom was never really around much when I was a kid.

She was always off in space, attempting to preserve the ghost of a memory. Bones knows a bit about him, but basically he was an asshole.

star trek 2009 spock ending a relationship

He treated me and Sam like dirt, he'd beat us if he got too drunk or if we ever stepped too far out of line. I grew up with this belief that I had done something to deserve what Frank was dishing out; Bones is still working on breaking that line of thinking.

So yeah, less than ideal childhoods, aren't we both off to a great start? Spock seemed to consider what he'd just learned, then thought deeply for a moment before he started in on a different aspect of his life, "I had an arranged marriage. However I had no connection with this girl, I neither loved nor had any desire to marry her. Spock inclined his head in respect, "As am I.

He knew what he all wanted to tell Spock, he just wasn't sure in what order. He was basically the only thing keeping me in line and he'd done his best to shield me from Frank.

I understand why he left, I really do but, I still can't help but feel betrayed. I couldn't imagine leaving anyone alone in that scenario.