Sterling archer relationship

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sterling archer relationship

Sterling Malory Archer is a fictional character on the American adult animated sitcom Archer, Sterling's relationship with Lana is likewise tumultuous because of his infidelity and immature behavior. Yet she has a new found compassion for . Sterling Malory Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), codename: Duchess, . He and Lana re-enter into a committed relationship halfway. Sterling Archer is a major lothario who beds anyone and everyone he sees. Archer and Cheryl's relationship was over before it even began.

When Archer's car gets stolen, Lana, along with Cyril Figgis and Pam Pooveyaids him in getting it back from the Yakuzawhom they believed to have been the thieves.

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After a chase, it's revealed that Malory stole the car to teach Sterling a lesson about taking care of his things, similar to her taking his bike as a child.

But, it turns out she never gave the bike back, rendering the lesson pointless and Lana shocked Drift Problem. Archer and Lana help Malory dispose of the body of the Italian prime minister after she called them. Despite constantly disagreeing, they initially agreed that making it look like self-defense was her best option. They instead partake in a dinner party charade when an NYPD detective comes to look around. After the detective has left, Lana makes Archer realise that Malory's story is a lie and that Malory had killed the prime minister.

Archer is shocked but still finds himself craving Italian food. He invites Lana out for a slice Lo Scandalo. Lana began contemplating on having a baby in Season 4.

sterling archer relationship

After Archer saves her from falling to her death when she slips off a building, she decides to ask him to be the sperm donor, but she changes her mind once he begins acting like his typical self The Honeymooners. During a mission to stop a radical environmentalist marine biologist from blowing up Sealab, Lana discloses that she is pregnant, angering Cyril because he isn't the father and prompting Archer to sacrifice his scuba gear and drown so that they could escape.

He tells her he loves her before he passes out, and she replies "I know. Lana has a vulnerable moment and hugs Archer for comfort in House Call. Archer reads extensively on the complications of pregnancy, showing that he is concerned for her.

As Agent Holly sweeps the mansion for illegal activity, Lana contemplates going into Witness Protection, but Archer reveals that once the baby is born it will be taken away, causing her to start crying. He tells her to run, but she tells him she can't leave him, hugging him House Call. Archer goes to great lengths to get Kenny Loggins to perform at Lana's baby shower, but in the end, she reveals that she isn't really familiar with him.

Woodhouse then covers for Archer and presents her with Archer's old crib, making it look as if it were his idea. Lana starts crying and states that it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her Baby Shower. She's initially enraged with Archer when Holly says that Archer knew all about the scheme. Archer denies knowing and attempts to act as a doula before Malory arrives and ejects him from the room.

Sterling Archer

Lana gives birth to a daughter named Abbiejean Kane-Archer. Season eight follows Archer in his coma-induced dream where he imagines himself as a Private Detective and all of his co-workers, friends and associates as characters in a s-esque film noir setting known as "Dreamland". Conception[ edit ] And I started reading those, and I had never read them before, and it was like, page one—this guy is a dick! He's a troubled man, and he's incredibly misogynistic.

There's one scene—I forget which book it's from, but basically what happens is rape. It's like, 'She protested, but then Bond twisted her hand behind her back and took his reward. Adam Reed [14] After the cancellation of the television series Frisky Dingo inReed took a year off from work and travelled to Europe and Morocco for leisure. He would often observe the general atmosphere of the environment around him.

sterling archer relationship

I kept thinking about this world that I wasn't invited to going on behind me in these gorgeous buildings. I was like, 'I know there's some awesome cocktail party on the roof of that building, and I am walking around with a Hot Pocket. He read all of the James Bond novelswhich were given to him several years previously by an acquaintance. Although the Archer creator wanted the title character to embody an obtuse, yet sympathetic personality, he was still apprehensive on modeling it after James Bond until viewing GoldenEye ; in the film, Reed was immediately captivated by Judi Dench 's portrayal of M —the head of the Secret Intelligence Service.

The producers then had them dressed in period clothing. He does experience feelings of regret when he conspires with Pam, Cheryl, and Krieger to have Katya Kazanova seduce Archer in an effort to break up Archer and Lana. In addition to being a competent lawyer, accountant, and comptroller, Cyril has also shown proficiency at piloting as he was the only member of ISIS who performed well on the spacecraft simulator, and he later piloted the miniaturization submarine when Ray was once again crippled.

In Season 7, he is the CEO and founder of the Figgis Detective Agency, much to Archer's annoyance since it was his idea to begin with, but lacked the proper experience and education to start the agencythough they did agree that once Archer meets the requirements, he'll turn ownership over to him. Danger Island In the 9th season of the show Cyril becomes a Nazi spy who plots against Archer to find the Island's treasure.

She has auburn hair she always wears in a bun and blue eyes. In the pilot episode, she was portrayed as a lovesick, ditzy secretary whom Archer frequently took advantage of, before that side of her character was gradually phased out as her behavior became more and more unhinged.

In the series' first four episodes she regularly changed her name, going by Carol, Carina, and Cristalresponding to either Cheryl or Carol from then on. She spends most of her time bickering with Pam, though they appear to be friends they have been shown walking to work together, and Cheryl even invites Pam to join her on a trip on her train line. Cheryl is often found drinking glue, and suffers from pyromaniac and sadomasochistic tendencies.

She also is easily turned on by slaps to the face. Cheryl continually demonstrates an alarming lack of intelligence yet makes references to obscure historical figures like Earl ButzElisha Otis and Granuaile O'Malley.

She is repulsed by people with cancer although she often either forgets, or does not even know, what cancer isthe handicapped, babies though she hoped she was pregnant after having sex with Conway Sternthe deaf, and 'dwarfs'. She has also been known to shout or scream, whenever someone tells her to do something, "You're not my supervisor! She shares that insanity runs in her family as one uncle thought the Underground Railroad was a literal railroad, building tunnels to try and recapture escaped slaves and sell them In season five, after ISIS disbands, Cheryl decides to live out her dream to be a country singer with Malory as her manager.

It is revealed that she has a beautiful singing voice whenever she is alone, but suffers from severe stage fright. Krieger implants a mind-altering chip in to Cheryl, which removes her stage fright and also makes her more aggressive and she begins a career under the name "Cherlene".

Cherlene thinks she's hit success when her album goes platinum only to find that a South American dictator bought all the copies, and she returns to ISIS at the end of the season. It also turns out her "mind-altering chip" was really a sticker from the back of a Lego spaceman. In season 6, she decides to completely redo ISIS's new offices to be exactly the way they were just to mess with Malory. It is also revealed that she has no memory of her "Cherlene" career. Dreamland[ edit ] In Dreamland, Cheryl becomes Charlotte Vandertunt, an heiress to a publishing dynasty.

She comes to Archer to fake her own death to escape her "quasi-incestuous family". She has platinum blonde hair and blue-gray eyes and is overweight. She condescends to the staff by talking through a dolphin puppet in disciplinary meetings, and she regularly gossips confidential information to the whole office within an hour, everyone knew when Archer was on a secret mole huntthough she also relishes revealing more personal information such as a co-worker being stricken with cancer and post office gossip on her blog.

She's commented that the vast majority of work at her job is filing sexual harassment complaints leveled against Archer. She is fond of bear claws and has been known to make growling sounds while eating them. She is also highly allergic to soy and soy-meat, but will keep on eating it if it tastes exactly like its meat counterpart.

Pam is constantly subjected to cruel jokes about food and her weight. Apparently bisexualshe's initially desperate to get just one colleague of either gender to have sex with her, finally achieving this in the first-season finale, "Dial M for Mother", when Lana agrees to have pity sex on the condition she never speaks of it though not so Pam doesn't tell anyone, but because Lana wanted to pretend Pam was Alex Karras.

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By the end of season 4, Pam has had sexual relations with every member of the ISIS staff except Ray and Cheryl, as well as a recurring, casual relationship with Archer, beginning in "Crossing Over. She has even expressed a desire for an office gang-bang or gang-rape she keeps a large number of dolls and puppets in her desk, should a victim need to reenact one.

A favorite sexual move of hers is called the MOAB. Her personal record for number of billiard balls stuffed in her mouth is four. She grew up on her father's Wisconsin dairy farm, "Poovey Farms", where she once seduced a milkhand named Jorge. She has a fraught relationship with her sister Edie, who tormented her throughout her childhood.

Her favorite exclamation is "Holy shitsnacks! Pam is a devoted graffiti artist and her tags are seen frequently in the background of scenes as a running gag. In the season 4 episode, "Un Chien Tangerine", Pam applied to become a field agent. She took the ap test naked so nobody thinks she would be cheating and passed it with flying colors.

While Malory didn't think Pam could handle herself in actual field work, Pam showed Malory a video where she took on Cyril, Krieger, and Ray who all wore body protection while she was still naked, and won. She shadows Lana and Archer as on a mission to The Vatican, during which time she displays an impressive aptitude for learning foreign languages. In season five, after ISIS disbands and becomes a drug cartel, Pam takes a more active role in the group's missions in light of Ray's condition.

However, during her first mission, Pam ends up becoming a cocaine addict as the result of the drug being absorbed into her skin when it was made into a body cast.

Pam's addiction leads to her eating a significant amount of the cocaine, to everyone else's frustration, and causes her to drastically lose weight. In the Season 5 finale, she delivers Lana's baby. By the start of season 6, she has kicked her cocaine habit though she remains a heavy drinkerand has regained the weight she lost. Dreamland, Pam's character was changed significantly, becoming a man but still having the same face and voice and working as a detective alongside Figgis, although he frequently betrays Figgis in order to work with Archer.

Detective Poovey is as corrupt as his partner but also has a more defined sense of honor, having saved a truck full of Chinese sex slaves meant to be sold to Len Trexler. He keeps the women in his apartment, who do his household chores for him, and is heartbroken when his finds they leave him after the Woodhouse murder and its related events are concluded.

Danger Island[ edit ] In Archer: Danger Island, Pam is depicted as Archer's best friend and copilot. In comparison with the real Pam, this version is noticeably taller, and being muscular instead of overweight.

He spends most of his time working on projects to facilitate his kinky sexual fantasies, including an advanced sex robot named Fister Roboto, a mechanical hand to choke Cheryl when his own hands are not strong enough for her taste, a drug that instills homosexual urges in its users this eventually kills Danny the Internvarious animal-human hybrids, and a holographic anime girlfriend simulation so real that the state of New York legally allowed him to marry it their plans were scuttled because "society couldn't deal with it".

Krieger has also displayed a fetish for homeless people and especially bumfights since his first speaking appearances in season one, though that fetish seems to have evolved as of season 3 to include specialized weapons, such as electrified boxing gloves. He has admitted to not actually being a medical doctor, or a doctor in the sense of holding a PhD either, so either he uses "Doctor" as a fraudulent title, or else his first name is actually Doctor.

He kills another intern, Chet, by having him wear a not-quite-bulletproof vest during a live-fire test. He's alluded to frequently drugging other co-workers, admitting to Pam "I've had good results with ether" when advising her on how to increase her odds for having sex with co-workers.

For the first three episodes Krieger did not speak.

sterling archer relationship

His first lines, during the fourth episode, are a passionate defense of his reasoning for creating Fister Roboto. Season 2 reveals that his 'father' was a Nazi scientist who escaped to Braziland Krieger is possibly a clone of Adolf Hitler a reference to The Boys from Brazil. In a later episode, he ranted about it and points out he can't be due to the lack of similarity to Adolf and saying quote "If I was a clone of Adolf Goddamn Hitler, then wouldn't I look like Adolf Goddamn Hitler?!

The end of Season 2 reveals that he had been working on a project that, as KGB agent Katya Kazanova puts it, could "shift world power. He is an avid devotee of the Canadian rock band Rushgoing so far as to having an expansive, elaborate drum set installed in his small apartment in an attempt to master their song " YYZ " which Krieger insists be pronounced in the authentic Canadian style as "why-why-zed".

He also had a van with illegally tinted windows, a souped-up sound system, and the words "EXIT In Season 3 episode " The Man from Jupiter ", Krieger has a new van that he calls " Vanispheres ", which ends up getting shot up by a group of Cuban hitmen trying to kill Archer.

Later in "Space Race: Part 2", Krieger's van has since been repainted with the Rush album image of Caress of Steel and rewritten to be titled "Caress of Krieger". In season 6, the van is painted in the same pattern as Rush's self-titled debut album cover, with "Van" written in the same font as "Rush". Krieger frequently angers the other ISIS employees but is invaluable to the agency for both his technological genius and his ability to dispose of dead bodies in a discreet, orderly and disturbingly efficient fashion.

Though most of his actions seem to inspire disgust with his fellow co-workers, Krieger seems to have a sympathetic view towards Archer. In season 5, Krieger tries to help the team with their new cocaine empire but gets into trouble with such things as building a submarine-an exact copy of the Civil War submarine "Hunley"- at an indoor swimming pool, trying to use the cocaine to ballast it and when it fails, destroying all the cocaine.

While visiting the mansion of a Central American dictator, Krieger is stunned to realize that the man's lab is staffed by a trio of clones identical to him. When the clones turn out to be insane and planning to fire a nerve gas missile which has sufficient range to hit New York Krieger fights them and seemingly kills them all, but his subsequent memory issues leave the others wondering if he's really their Krieger.

He claims this is a result of a concussion sustained from a fall sufficiently high to kill at least one of the other clones with Krieger landing on him.

sterling archer relationship

His claims that it wasn't a chip he implanted in Cheryl's head, along with the fact that he continued to defuse the nerve gas missile, do suggest he is the real Krieger, though hints that he may be a clone continue throughout season 6.

Show runner Adam Reed has gone on record to state that only he and voice actor Lucky Yates know whether or not Krieger is a clone.

Dreamland[ edit ] Krieger's character starts out as Dreamland's bartender in the story arc. Later it is revealed that he is a former double agent Jewish scientist who worked with the Nazis during World War II to build bionic soldiers. However, he would purposely sabotage the experiments by injecting the potential bionic men with carbolic acid.

His work in bionics continued after the war but his success has been limited to a cat, two dobermans and Dutch Dylan. Danger Island[ edit ] Krieger does not appear in season nine. Instead, the story arc replaces him with a wisecracking parrot named Crackers, also voiced by Lucky Yates. Ray Gillette[ edit ] Raymond Q. Like Lana, he is a much more conscientious field agent than Archer, and the two are close friends.

sterling archer relationship

Ray is openly gay and often verbally-abused in a sophomoric fashion by almost everyone who speaks to him, having an outright hostile relationship with Malory who disparagingly refers to him as "Ms. Gillette" and an often-adversarial one with Archer though they frequently assist each other.

Ray has blonde hair and brown eyes, along with an effeminate voice and pencil mustache. In "Bloody Ferlin," Ray is revealed to have been born and raised in the backwoods town of Ferlin, West Virginiawhere his brother Randy is a marijuana farmer who is unaware of Ray's occupation and sexual orientation.

It is also revealed that Ray has changed the pronunciation of his surname, which his brother pronounces as "GILL-it. Early in Season 2 he reveals he's an Olympic bronze medalist in Men's Giant Slalom, a finish he called "a huge disappointment". A recurring character in Season 1, Ray's much larger role in Season 2 depicted him as a more-than-capable field agent with expertise in wiring and explosives. In the Season 2 finale he reveals that he is an ordained but out-of-practice minister who is still allowed to perform marriages "the irony of which is not lost on [him]".

He commonly wields a pair of Colt pistols with ivory grip inlays, and the names ' Barbra ' and ' Liza ' engraved on them. He is confined to a wheelchair for several episodes and removed from active duty as a field agent with Cyril taking his position. However, in "Bloody Ferlin", Archer and Lana discover that Ray has been faking his paralysis since being discharged from the hospital following his recovery from his gunshot wound.

In the Season 3 finale, "Space-Race 2", Ray ends up being paralyzed for real as the result of Archer interfering with Cyril's effort to land the spacecraft.

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In Season 4, Krieger gives Ray bionic leg-implants that allow him to walk again. However, in the season finale he is paralyzed once more when Archer accidentally short-circuits his bionic legs with a defibrillator.

In season five, after ISIS disbands, Ray begins falling into a depression due to a combination of tutoring Cheryl and his lack of mobility.

Krieger eventually reveals that the CPU in Ray's bionic legs simply needs to be rebooted in order to restore his ability to walk. In "Pocket Listing," Ray was tasked to hide in among the plants of a greenhouse during a mission at Cheryl's mansion. While everyone else became sidetracked, Ray was left to fend off a gigantic carnivorous plant.

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He managed to survive, but lost his right arm below the elbow during the ordeal. Krieger transplanted a new bionic and black right hand for Ray which is implied to have originally been made for Conway Stern.

Ray later wears a black glove over his right hand, in what is possibly an homage to the character of Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi who wore a black glove over his own bionic right hand. After receiving his new hand, he shows a lot of distaste for it, leading everyone else to think he was being racist just because its black.