Subconsciously sabotaging relationship

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subconsciously sabotaging relationship

Most of us enter into relationship with hidden commitments that keep us from You are subconsciously MORE committed to whatever is actually happening in. You could be sabotaging your relationship and not even realize it. If you relate to these 10 signs, you probably are. You're in a great relationship where the two of you are both really happy. Everything seems to be swimming along well, and then bam.

subconsciously sabotaging relationship

Pay attention to your emotions. If you feel your partner is the reason for your questionable life choices, bad mood or bad temper, try to have a look at what your expectations of them are in first place. Putting your happiness in the hands of another is the of emotional disaster.

HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE (in Relationships) & the Subconscious

Hover through the areas in your life that need balance and search for truth within yourself, instead of your partner. You shy away from leaving them, even when the relationship is bad for you The most common reason people stick to unhealthy relationships is the deep fear of not being able to survive without a partner.

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Which is not only totally false — you were happily single when you met them — but also detrimental for your emotional and physical health in the long run. Look for patterns in your life that confirm the rule and then investigate ways of breaking this unhealthy trail of thought. It takes time and willingness on both sides to make a relationship flow, and comparing your lover with figures in your past will only rob them of their own authentic self in your eyes.

Instead, make a list of all your ex partners and write down their 10 best assets and 10 worst characteristics.

subconsciously sabotaging relationship

Burn the lists down and gently let go of the past in order to be able to look ahead to the future. You want to do everything together Repeat after me: I am independent, I am whole, I am blessed.

subconsciously sabotaging relationship

So allow yourself the pleasure to run, hit the yoga mat, have dinner with your friends, travel and work on your soul projects without your partner. The more insecure she became, the more her boyfriend would clam up and become distant, which would exacerbate her fears.

They spoke often about breaking up. It was only after looking into her own history that the woman realized she had an anxious preoccupied attachment style. Growing up, her mother and primary caretaker was absentminded, often forgetting to make dinner or pick her up from school.

15 Ways You Unconsciously Sabotage Your Relationships, Because You Have Low Self Esteem

Her boyfriend had the opposite way of relating. His dismissive avoidant attachment style drove him to keep a safe distance, avoiding closeness and potential conflict.

No one will could ever love YOU.

subconsciously sabotaging relationship

He is going to meet someone else, someone more interesting and attractive. He is too good for you. In the meantime, her boyfriend had his own inner critic at work, filling his head with thoughts like: You have to get out of here. She is just trying to control you.

You can take care of yourself. This internal dialogue and the dynamics that ensue are common among couples.

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People even unconsciously seek partners with attachment styles that negatively complement their own. You can change your attachment style as an adult by forming a relationship with someone with a healthier attachment style. You can also make great strides simply by understanding how your past influences your present, for example, how your critical inner voice is controlling your behavior.

subconsciously sabotaging relationship

Just recognizing where her self-critical thoughts originated allowed the woman to take a step back and gain insight into her anxieties and actions. She then made a conscious effort to stop acting jealous. Instead of sitting at home when her boyfriend was on a business trip or out with friends, she would distract herself, focusing on her own life and interests, going out to a movie or writing in her journal.

She dealt with her anxiety by learning to meditate and talking to friends.