Subject object relationship art tumblr

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subject object relationship art tumblr

In “Subject and Object”, Theodor Adorno discusses the relationship of the intertwining of society at every level (language, culture, art, etc.). This was inspired by the artist Raul Lemesoff who converted his own .. It can be a physical or virtual space, it can be a living subject or an inanimate object. behind painting her and what kind of relationship did they share?. There are only so many encounters you can subject a form to and it still remain intact. Consider an object of desire that is obliterated by the very same relation that Cara Tolmie in'Hysteria and Art: Traumatic Coincidences' Symposium by.

Responses to art are also increasingly collective — as in audience responses to film — the individual reaction is produced or compounded by the reaction of the entire audience. This difference is probably less relevant in the era of television. Film feels as if it frees the viewer from the confining modern environment, by gestures such as speeding-up and close-ups.

It expands the available images immensely. Benjamin argues that film meets the need which Dadaism tried to create by earlier, inadequate means. Dadaism is usually taken to have aimed to ridicule and portray as absurd the modern world, and to emphasise the role of unpredictability in creativity. Dadaist artists rearranged everyday and artistic objects and conventions to subvert dominant assumptions. Benjamin also writes of a triumph of the tactile or actively lived appreciation of art over the optical or contemplative side.

He makes the distinction in relation to architecture. A tourist contemplates a building, whereas a user appropriates it in a tactile way, living or working within it. Benjamin seems to be suggesting that art should be participatory and interactive, as in theatre of the oppressed.

However, he also suggests that a tactile appreciation occurs, not consciously, but through habit. Even a distracted person can form habits. This dual process of destroying and renewing meanings is the flip-side of the crisis and renewal of humanity. For Benjamin, the positive aspect is inconceivable without the negative. Reactionaries attempt to revive the old, ritual function of art.

Film, for instance, is assigned the function of expressing supernatural and mythical phenomena. This view is central to critiques of special effects. Benjamin thinks this attempt is ultimately untenable.

subject object relationship art tumblr

The viewer of films or photographs takes the position of the cameraman. This is a standpoint which cannot be mystified.

Films, TV and photography are also unusually prone to spectacle. They provide a scene which appears credible only from the exact angle at which they are shot. From any other angle, the visibility of props and cameras would render the image unbelievable. Only from the exact view of the camera is it credible.

The equipment-free reality, appearing as credibly real, is paradoxically only the effect of extensive artifice.

subject object relationship art tumblr

Yet it appears more equipment-free than, for instance, painting. This parallels the fate of immediate reality in a technological world. Works of art themselves are also recomposed from fragments. For instance, a traditional artist paints an entire scene.

In contrast, a filmmaker cuts up and reassembles a film. Films also have dream-like characteristics, and allow the detailed analysis of each frame, allowing a fragmentary reproduction of for instance the act of walking. Art has always been reproducible — for instance, early books could be copied by hand. Mechanical reproduction, however, is new. TV and radio provide images on tap, much as electricity and water are supplied.

They can easily be switched on and off, starting and stopping the flow of images. He argues that children are now bombarded with printed letters even before they can read. Benjamin also discusses the impact on actors of performing for a machine instead of a human audience. He suggests it is an uncomfortable experience in which the body is deprived of substance. There is a feeling of strangeness, similar to looking in a mirror, but with the mirror image separable and transportable.

The idea of the mirror is central to ego-formation in psychoanalysisand the idea of an alienated double is widespread in fairy tales.

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The aura of the actor, and of the character portrayed by the actor, vanishes because the camera is substituted for the audience. In place of the aura, film studios build up a cult of the star as a constructed image. It fuses with reality.

subject object relationship art tumblr

There are also echoes here with the feminist critique of pornography. Does the public undergo this same desubstantiation, and lose its aura? And what happens when people take their models for living from soap operas, adverts, or porn? In my project I wanted to portray this idea but instead give the viewer the insight into the true nature of the subjects in my work.

He was fascinated by African art which shows through his signature long oval faces in his portraits. I decided to also follow this route and research into the African culture.

This lead me to incorporate neck rings into my work, neck rings are something women wear for an extended period of time to elongate their necks, this is something deemed as beautiful in their culture. Once I started to create these ring like marks, curving around the neck of the subject, I noticed that it echoes the rhythm of the background of the piece Madame Z. After experimenting with colours and mark making in my colour sketch book, I decided to use only Indian ink with a hint of colour.

While studying different combinations of colour, I ended up really focusing on the textures and marks I could produce with my chosen medium. This is nicely underlined with a quirky pop of colour which really attracts the viewer to the focal point of the image. The zine is a collection of the digitally enhanced versions of the postcards with a fully coloured version of my favourite postcard as the front cover. If I had more time to carry out this project again I would like to explore this topic more in depth by researching further into the African culture and beauty standards around the world.

I would have also made an all colour zine as I like how the front cover of it has turned out when digitally enhanced. Further, this only further exemplifies the relationship between subject and object, but more importantly it highlights how the separation between the two is illusory.

subject object relationship art tumblr

The subject is empty without an object. No matter how deeply we retreat into the subject, there is an object. Adorno wants to build a distinction between the idealism behind subjectivity and its active state. He draws away from the idealism of being wrapped up in ourselves, of objects having a meaning apart from our subjectivity. The very meaning of the object, for Adorno, is tied to our subjectivity.

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If there is an object without meaning, then the subject has no meaning. The act of naming in and of itself brings up this intertwinement of subject and object: Our very being as humans—how we think, know and are—is inseparable from history.

How Scale in Art Influences the Viewing Experience

Our knowing and being elements of a pure subjectivity are inseparable from history objects. They are a product of history: Are we barbarism itself, since we as subjects and objects are a part of history? History makes it possible to see the barbarism in who we really are as subjects and objects, but what does it really matter? Why would it matter?