Subsisting relationship advice

What does the UKVI mean by genuine & subsisting relationship

subsisting relationship advice

Failure to demonstrate that a relationship is genuine and subsisting is below and provided some practical tips on meeting the requirement. What does UKVI mean by genuine & subsisting relationship while assessing applications for spouse or unmarried partners for entry purpose. I will start the review application soon and was looking for some guidance. I would also like to add that my marriage was an arranged marriage.

The Appellant and his spouse had a British child born in the UK in July ; however, the relationship between the Appellant and his spouse broke down in March The Appellant was granted contact with his child pursuant to a court order made in September and that the child would live primarily with the mother. The Appellant had contact with his child 3 hours every fortnight.

There are two potential settlement routes that parents can apply under depending on their circumstances.

subsisting relationship advice

The 5-year family member route as a parent is for Applicants who are in a genuine and subsisting relationship with the other parent of their child. What was the judgement of SR and what will the impact on Applications based on Parental Relationship? However, consideration was also given to section B 6 of the Act. Parents who have strong ties to their child and key involvement in their lives will find it easier to satisfy the requirements to come to or remain in the UK on the basis of being a parent of a British child or child present and settled in the UK than those who have less involvement.

It is important to contact Immigration professionals, such as our team with fully qualified Immigration Solicitors before submitting an application to the Home Office. This is to ensure all of the correct documentation is submitted in order to demonstrate all of the necessary requirements are met, in order to give applications the greatest chance of success.

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Access the full judgement here: It is possible to instruct an immigration and visa legal representative to submit an application on the basis of a parental relationship. Please note that dependants now have to show sufficient funds up a maximum of 9 months, based on the length of Tier 4 visa which will be granted to the main applicant student rather than course length.

Evidence of sole responsibility for child ren If you plan to bring a child or children and will not be joined by the other parent you would need to show you are either: Unfortunately we do see refusals for child dependants when insufficient evidence of sole responsibility is provided.

If your partner will not be joining you in the UK and you do not have sole resposibility for the child ren then it is very likely that their applications will be refused. The fact that your partner is working would not usually be deemed 'serious or compelling' grounds.

Please seek further advice if required. In addition if dependant children are applying to join you in the UK, then one parent must be physically present in the UK at the time of the application.

If both parents are overseas when the application is made then the children's application can be refused. Prepare the documents If the documents are not in English the original must be accompanied by a fully certified translation by a professional translator. It must also be dated and include the original signature of the translator. You can help your family member by providing the following documents: Otherwise, you will need to show evidence of your funds in a bank account which belongs either to you or your partner.

You cannot use bank statements from family members or other sponsors.

subsisting relationship advice

The funds must have been in your account for 28 days and the bank statements must not be more than 31 days old. If the bank statement is not in GBP currency, we suggest you take a screenshot of the currency conversion website Oanda.

What does the UKVI mean by genuine & subsisting relationship

Currency rates can fluctuate during application process. This can be done by a solicitor for a small charge and some post offices also provide this service. Contact the Student Advice Centre for a list of local solicitors. If you are not married you will need to show evidence you have been living together in a relationship like marriage for a minimum of two years. We recommend that you seek further advice for help, if you are applying as an unmarried partner.