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tent root access is by installing a custom su binary (known as. “switch user”, “ super user”, .. ify the relationships between various rooting-related compo- nents. We also remounted as read-writable in order to install the su bi- nary and its .. su”) is executed. Whenever RDAnalyzer failed to evade a detec-. However, when I try to run SuperSU (downloaded from the Android market, latest version) it says The SU binary needs to be updated. Continue. For all this a backup of what you need and a fresh firmware install can solve a . In case it always crashes and the Playstore or your games fail to work install .. This means the system is rooted except for the actual Superuser app. . Start SuperSu and update the binary - if this fails it means the boot was not complete yet!.

Daniel Guo commented on at When I first time root it, it worked. But I try to reflash the factory image and root it again, it gives me "failure or patch not needed" and supersu is not working. Tyleo Young commented on at Thank you Jason Burt commented on at Ben Abston commented on at I ran into the same situation yesterday. Daniel Galvan commented on at Ok so I got the official Android 5.

Do I update first or flash the new zip file first? I'm already rooted running PA Daniel Galvan commented on at I use twrp but I'm not sure if it will still be there. Billy Reynolds commented on at It won't, the official image includes a stock recovery partition, you'll need to flash TWRP again. You could flash the individual partitions but it's a pain, best to flash the whole thing then re-install your favourite recovery.

This will root the phone and then I can install twrp. There's no proper root for this yet but you don't need root to install a recovery partition, you do that using fastboot: Use the "Download - Recovery Image Method: Chainfire will most likely come out with a CF-Autoroot for the N4 in the next few days, he's done it with the other devices.

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Thanks man Billy Reynolds commented on at Apparently this flashable boot image will allow root using SuperSu 2. So just install Lollipop, use fastboot to install the TWRP above, reboot into recovery, flash the boot image, reboot again and then you should be able to flash SuperSu 2. Worked great on my Nexus 5. Swami ParamAnanda Giri commented on at Root and chainfire have become a synonym in Android world through your work.

Thanks, keep it up. Jing zhang commented on at Good job, thank you. Shaftamle commented on at Instead of saying, "root your phone" it should be, "chainfire your phone! Jason Pasch commented on at It'll be my first root so I'm quite excited about it.

Kelly Maglio commented on at Thank you for your work, super easy to implement. Richard Bellingham commented on at A pleasant surprise; the Three "inTouch" wifi calling app that previously wouldn't work with my rooted phone is working on my Nexus 5 with Lollipop, SuperSU 2. Does anyone know why this would now work? Is it a general thing that apps will find it harder to check for root on Lollipop with the modified kernel, or is it a matter of Three's checks for root not working for now but likely to catch up in the future?

I'm glad it's working, but I'm curious as to why! Thx for the work chainfire you rock Jassett Hubbard commented on at Jeff Mitchell commented on at That would be great to know.

Tom Muir commented on at Just simply downright awesome work that you do. Michal VOLF commented on at N4 imges are live now, but please, give to Chainfire time at least for download and make the magic Mana commented on at Does this work on latest factory image for N4? It will works, when it will be ready! Nexus 4 Lollipop kernel? Kowalski OmniROM commented on at Got root on my n I don't get prompted for root, had to default to allow.

Also, su crashes a lot I've already submitted the bug report. Shawn Zhang commented on at Man I'm holding my Nexus 4 and I'm counting on you. I'd buy you a beer! Thanks for your work man! Chainfire commented on at As clearly stated on the page, the Android version listed is for reference and has no relation to which Android versions it can root.

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Imagine if people would actually read Utkarsh Raj Singh commented on at Tony Addyman commented on at Thank you very much for creating these, SuperSU, etc. Musio Musio commented on at Thanks for nexus4 rooting.? Petr Matula commented on at Thanks a lot of Calvin H. I used CF autoroot, definetly soon as you unlock the bootloader or was unlocked from before.

Oh and I forgot. Everything we did from ubuntu I mean what did you do exactly? I mean the fastboot commands and stuff. I think in english its also easy to find something at Google. You are the one Shawn Zhang commented on at Frank Barten commented on at Succesfully rooted my Nexus 4 running Android 5.

Arjun Amin commented on at Was rooted the day android 5. I heard that after this root you can't do the OTAs anymore. Khali Raymond commented on at Is there going to any way that the alcatel one touch fierce 2 can be rooted by chainfire? Thank you and great job with v2. ES file root explorer for example. Same thing is happening with me it said rooted but can't get root access to titanium backup and es explore HP videos commented on at But I am using xperia s pure asop rom Evony Master commented on at Can someone give step-by-step instructions please?

It's now easier to hide root on your Android phone with suhide-lite

I have a MX Q player with xbmc installed on it but when playing video the screen turned black but can here the sound I have SuperSU on it with android 4.

Clayshorn Ollivierre commented on at So what do I do? I know the procedurebut don't know how to do this on Windows OS Aatresh commented on at You my friend are a true saviour!. Mahfouz Saliba commented on at My car won't start can you tell how to start car when dead battery.

Here is the official link to White Paper: Usually, there are two factors to take into consideration when it comes to warranty claims. One is ROOT status. As to the ROOT status, as long as you remove your root in a traceless manner, it wouldn't be a problem. How does Kingo Android Root work?

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Generally, there are two approaches we have adopted to make root happen: On previous devices as we mentioned earlier, the Binary Counter could be reset to 0 when using available software, which makes the device eligible for warranty support. There are rumors, no, certainties, that developers are now working on this issue so you can revert back just like the good old days when you use Triangle Away App with your Binary Counter. But for now, there has been no tested way yet.

So what you are gonna do is to hold your breath and wait. What should You do?

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