Sword art online hollow fragment strea ending relationship

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sword art online hollow fragment strea ending relationship

Strea (ストレア, Strea) is an original Sword Art Online game character and one of Strea's Infinity Moment and Hollow Fragment avatar has lavender hair which to ALfheim Online (ALO), thus unlocking Strea's alternate ending of her and Yui. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition. All Discussions Kirito on his end makes it clear she only reminds him of his sister. Easiest route: She's already in a relationship with you. . With that hypocriticaly said, I cheated on Asuna with Strea, right when Lis, Leafe and Asuna was in the inn. Love it or hate it, there is no avoiding the fact that Sword Art Online is one of the Infinity Moment on the PSP, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment on the Vita, end up in Sword Art Online and likewise build relationships with Kirito and, more importantly, how they are linked to Strea, a mysterious warrior.

After the boss monsters she summons threaten to overwhelm the heroes, they finally get reinforcements arriving in the form of every GGO character to date: The games have a notorious habit of exaggerating Kirito's Accidental Pervert tendencies: Lisbeth's a far bigger troll in the games with her Clingy Jealous Girl traits being played up far more.

She's also more inclined to make moves on Kirito whenever even the slightest opportunity presents itself that he and Asuna may be loosening up. Klein's hopeless romantic side gets cranked up and he's made to be far more perverted, while in canon he's a lot more composed and can be badass when he chooses to.

Despite being in a separate continuity, the games make a number of nods to the main series. Kirito and Asuna sharing cream topped buns in their first meeting is brought up quite a few times. In Hollow Fragment Asuna manages to recreate the cream and makes it for Kirito and Yui as a surprise. While in Hollow Realizations, Asuna gets a craving for it and sneaks off on a quest for cream so that she can eat some. In Hollow Fragment, Agil still remembers Kirito coldly brushing off his desire to taste the S-Class Ragout Rabbit, so the second time round they get an ingredient Kirito does agree to let Agil have a taste.

Some of the dialogue is word-for-word such as Alicia's advertising the perks of working as a mercenary for the Cait-Sith. Gun Gale Online existed during the Aincrad Arc. Also Eugeo and Alice already exist and are teenagers, with Alice already being an Integrity Knight, when in canon they should have yet to even be born for several years. Memory Defrag makes continuity particularly confusing, as the main campaign is exactly the same as the canon story line, while the extra stories integrate video game continuity alongside canon material while treating both as valid.

In fact the implication is that the side stories take place inbetween the canon arcs, which leads to a lot of problems when the continuities starts conflicting such as Yuuki's death or lack thereofEugeo and Alice meeting everyone much earlier, or the video game exclusive characters like Strea, Rain, Seven.

There's also different designs for the same characters, such as the Norse Gods featured in both games. Accel World vs Sword Art Online is one of the only games where characters from all over the franchise and Kawahara's other works can all meet up together, all due to the crisis of Persona Vabel invading different time periods and kidnapping Yui. Strea in most games, with her weapon having an exceptionally high DPS and starting at Kirito and Asuna's level.

Accel World vs Sword Art Online is this for the video game continuity, headlining with the plot of Yui being kidnapped by Persona Vabel. Followed by the very real threat of Yui dying.

Fatal Bullet follows suit, bringing back the 'death game' stakes that were averted after Hollow Fragment, especially the ending where potentially Kureha or Zeliska will die if not all game conditions are met. The physical appearance of Cat Pina varies between the manga and Hollow Fragment.

Doppelganger Gets Same Sentiment: Although suspecting she's not real, Kirito is hellbent on protecting her at all costs so she won't die again. Eventually Sachi reveals she is indeed not the real Sachi. She also remembers the words the real Sachi never got to say to Kirito, which leaves him distraught and shaken, but also giving him closure. Millennium Twilight, due to the time travel shenanigans of the game and the fact the game continuity is an Alternate Timeline to the canon continuity, Kirito ends up meeting a version of Eugeo from another timeline who is implied to be the canon version.

However after having a friendly duel with Kirito to test him, Eugeo realizes that while this is a different Kirito, it is still Kirito who fights the exact same way. He then takes up on Kirito's offer to hang out and party with him until he's able to return to his own timeline.

Kirito is this even more so in canon. In Hollow Fragment, one event has Kirito and friends filling in at Agil's bar on a busy night. When Silica encounters trouble with two scary customers, Kirito goes to check out what the commotion is about.

The customers immediately recognize him, apologize for being jerks to Silica, and proceed to bail the scene in fear. In Lost Song there's Sumeragi and Rain. In Fatal Bullet, Death Gun. Alicization had even been announced. They go on to make subsequent appearances in every game after this.

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Alternative Gun Gale Online had begun airing. Alicization was set to air. O admins the proof they needed to terminate his account and send a warrant for his arrest. Kirito's Hollow Data counterpart is the Final Boss of the optional Hollow Area story arc, and it's just as strong as the real Kirito, effectively making it a Mirror Boss. Although in Kirito and Asuna's case it's not a perfect copy with their color schemes being an inverse of the originals.

The Player and their party are forced to fight several of these imposters. Both of the copious amounts of Mythology Gag that reference and homage countless things from the anime and light novels alike along with plenty of Foreshadowing of later things to come, and also in the sense that every game continued to amp up the fanservice designs and scenarios.

It gets to the point that by Hollow Realization, only a handful of female characters aren't wearing a Dangerously Short Skirt and prone to a Panty Shot. Fatal Bullet toned this down significantly by comparison, keeping the fanservice almost entirely to affinity events.

As in the anime, anyone who dies in SAO dies for real, so any member of the Assault Team who dies is gone for the rest of the game. For main characters like Asuna or Klein, however, their death constitutes an automatic Game Overthe same as if Kirito dies.

Also played with in Hollow Realization: In-universe NPC characters, on the other hand, don't: In Hollow Realizations Leafa somehow swaps avatars with Lisbeth and quite enjoys being the Blacksmith, but awkwardness ensues when she runs into Kirito and she decides to take the opportunity to find out what Kirito thinks of her Leafa.

While Lisbeth as Leafa is very annoyed by the development having returned from her break with her appearance changed. Kirito never figures out what's going on despite 'Lisbeth' calling him "Onii-chan", referring to herself in the third person, and asking very personal questions about Leafa.

Leafa has this even more than the main series.

Endless jokes are made about her enormous bustto the point where she has D-Cup Distress. In Hollow Realization during a sleepover event, she utterly freaks out as Lisbeth is telling a ghost story.

She practically has a heart attack when she thinks a real ghost actually Leafa who logged back in after accidentally logging out from falling asleep pops up in the room, and later refuses to let Kirito fall asleep until she does. The games crank up the harem aspects of the series, by introducing the 'Courting System' where Kirito can share a bed with every girl and some guys in the game.

While the main girls like Lisbeth, Silica, and Sinon, who had explicitly decided to give Kirito and Asuna space in the main series, all continue showing very obvious attraction to him in the games.

In addition, several other girls have been added to the harem including: The Player Character for Fatal Bullet is one. While their voice can be heard in combat, cutscenes have them being completely silent save for the occasional response selected from a list of options. In Hollow Realizations, one quest had Lisbeth reenacting this fable, only with the ax replaced with her blacksmith hammer.

While Lisbeth plays out most of the story the same way, by being honest to the forest spirit and admitting her real hammer was not the gold or silver one, but her iron one, before being rewarded both hammers for her honesty. However after acquiring said precious hammers and feeling how heavy they were, she further adds that she felt wasn't ready yet for said hammers and thought it better she stuck to her original one.

The forest spirit is amazed by her level of honesty and as a further reward decides to enchant her original iron hammer to maximum efficiency which Liz overjoyed by.

Has happened a few times with Kirito. In Hollow Fragment, when Kirito finds Silica working as a maid and gets served by her, he tries some of the food and offers some to Silica too. Silica obliges and loves it, before suddenly becoming flustered and claims it's because a maid isn't allowed to eat on the job.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

She is then heard muttering "indirect" to herself as she walks off. After completing it and Yuuki is rewarded with the sugary sweet drink, she offers Kirito a taste too. However, Yuuki notices they used the same straw and wonders if that meant they indirectly kissed. When Kirito tries his hand at cooking in Lost Song, he makes something that's too spicy for normal people to safely eat. Of course, Kirito's sense of taste is far from normal so he had no problem eating it.

Let's You and Him Fight: Philia and Kirito clash blades after a Crash-Into Hello has her mistaking him for an enemy. Now you can fight the best with the best! Kirito forces a duel out of her after suspecting she hadn't shown a fraction of her power. They end up as friends shortly afterwards.

Hollow Realization also does this, making the game safe so that you don't have to worry about being killed. Averted for the NPCs, however, who are all unique beings with their own personalities on account of being low-level AI. Pretty much the whole video game version continuity is Lighter and Softer as characters like Sugou and Shinkawa have their worst moments Adapted OutYuuki didn't suffer the terminal illness, and the first game even starts with alternate end of the Aincrad arc which didn't involve Asuna and Kirito nearly dying.

Like Brother and Sister: The games add this dynamic between Kirito and Yuuki. The two of them share quite a few scenes together, where Yuuki loves to tease Kirito like a cheeky little sister, while Kirito looks out for like he does with Suguha or Silica. In Hollow Realization Yuuki and Kirito having a tickle fight during a pillow talk, while in Fatal Bullet Kirito piggybacks an exhausted Yuuki home to which she remarks this is what it felt like to have a big brother. Fatal Bullet gives Kirito and Sinon different outfits for GGO than the ones they had in canon, especially Kirito who looks like his real self instead of his Attractive Gender Bent avatar.

However, in the Bullet of Bullets Tournament which adapts the Phantom Bullet arc, both of them are given their canon appearances. In the case of Kirito it's an alternate account which is named " Kiriko ", which was once a fan nickname. Named by the Adaptation: In Hollow Fragment, the gang decide to play a game of Texas Holdem. Leafa evidently has a very poor poker face and her brother Kirito is able to see right through her bluff. However the biggest offender has to be Klein, who tries to bluff with an All-In when he only has a measly hand of a pair of 4's, which Kirito immediately picks up on and beats him to.

Most NPC villains in the game will have a monstrous battle form which serves as a boss fight. Sure, the series has its Fanservicebut you'll quickly realize that these games avert the Magic Skirtand the camera might get flashed just by a character sitting down. It hits the point where Hollow Realization not only gives a Dangerously Short Skirt to nearly every piece of armor in the game if you go with a female avatar compared to Hollow Fragment enforcing Bifauxnen due to wearing outfits made for Kirito, but the game has dynamic skirt physics and characters running at an angle almost intentionally trying to invoke this.

Fatal Bullet takes a step back and gives all the female outfits with skirts a pair of Modesty Shorts. Yuuki shows up in Hollow Fragment as a secret boss if you choose investigate the strange area after defeating Heathcliff. She ends up being glitched into SAO and requests a duel with Kirito.

Several games will tease at the events of the next game through an Early-Bird Cameo of character who is yet to appear. In Lost Song, Kirito is able to figure out that Rain was lying about being a new player, and she had been the one who had been stalking him, based on her shoes being of high level quality. He also worked out how strong Rain was and that all this time she was actually hiding her true power.

Kirito with every girl in the main cast, even ones who didn't explicitly have crushes on him in canon and the game original characters, especially through the 'Courting System' where Kirito can sleep in the same bed as a girl of his choosing and have 'Pillow talks' with them. Kirito loves taking naps, often in public places and in broad daylight.

In Lost Song, when Alicia Rue offers to hire Kirito as a renegade in exchange for three meals and naps, Silica and Sinon immediately tease Kirito over how he keeps napping on the spot anytime, anywhere.

sword art online hollow fragment strea ending relationship

Leafa is revealed to be one in Hollow Realization, where Kirito states her superpower is being able to fall within seconds of finding a comfortable spot. During one event with a sleepover, she literally plops down onto the bed and talks about how much fun they're going to have before literally falling asleep and disconnecting from the game since the Amusphere automatically logs out anyone who falls asleep while playing so fast that everyone but Kirito wonders what just happened.

She logs back in right as Lisbeth is telling a ghost story, which manages to freak all of the assembled out with her utterly oblivious. Spared by the Adaptation: In Fatal Bullet during the BoB Tournament, Pale Rider narrowly manages to avoid his canon counterpart's fate where Sinon instead chose to snipe him rather than Death Gun, so that he gets killed and taken out of the game before the Serial Killer could do it in real life.

Status Quo Is God: Whenever one of the girls try out a temporary new look, they always end up reverting back to their standard attire shortly afterwards, with the usual In-Universe explanation being they get embarrassed over Kirito staring at them. In Hollow Fragment, Sinon tries on a pair of glasses that Kirito buys as a gift but takes them off since she doesn't need them in VR and she got suspected Kirito was thinking of dirty thoughts.

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In Hollow Fragment, Leafa unties her hair and lets it flow down, which leads Kirito to be taken aback by how different she looks. Despite Kirito's positive thoughts on her new appearance, Leafa puts it back in her usual ponytail as she doesn't want Kirito to keep staring. In Hollow Realization, Sinon tries out a ribbon, but after Kirito thinks it's cute she immediately discards it in anger. In Hollow Realization, Yuuki is having fun making ribbons and teaches Kirito how to do so, to which Kirito suggests she should try one on since she made so many.

Yuuki complies and Kirito approves of the look, but she gets rid of it as she's embarrassed over how Kirito keeps staring at her. Then as payback, she makes Kirito wear the ribbon he made.

In Fatal Bullet, Silica goes fashion shopping and tries out a new look to make herself seem maturer. She would also occasionally experience headaches, which would become stronger the further the Clearers advanced in reaching the top floor. After getting close to the th FloorStrea joined the Clearing group in subduing the Floor Boss and had a severe headache, before suddenly changing her personality and disappearing into thin air.

Strea reappeared on the following floors, attempting to prevent Kirito and the others from completing the game. She reappeared after Alberich attempted to eliminate all the players, except for Asuna, from the game by using a special blade that held an incurable poison, which would slowly kill anyone who was injured by it.

Strea was later revealed to actually be a mental-health program, similar to Yuiwho was somehow able to appear using an unused avatar that was still registered in Aincrad. Vowing to rescue her, Kirito and the group agreed to save Strea by reaching the th Floor.

sword art online hollow fragment strea ending relationship

After defeating the Hollow Avatar and the other mental-health programs, Strea appeared in a large monstrous form and attempt to eliminate the Clearing group. Her defeat lead to Aincrad being cleared and her temporary freedom. Strea slowly disappeared as her fusion with the Hollow Avatar had revealed her true identity as a mental-health care program in the game, and led to her returning to her true form.

At the last minute, Yui absorbed Strea's program and assured the rest of the group that she was still alive. Heathcliff Kayaba Akihiko reappeared shortly afterwards to congratulate the group for making it all the way to the end, and explained that the cause of the glitch which resulted in his disappearance was partly due to Strea accumulating all the negative emotions from the players, which accidentally "overloaded" the game for a brief period of time.