Teacher student relationship tamil movie

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teacher student relationship tamil movie

Best தமிழ் movies regarding Teachers: Below movies strike my mind immediately. Movie Name (Rough Translation): நூறுக்கு நூறு ( out. A drama teacher's taboo relationship with an unstable student strikes a nerve in her jealous classmate, sparking a vengeful chain of events within their suburban . In a country that has a rich tradition of honouring the special relationship between teachers and students, G Bhagawan's story has.

When your students are happy, engaged and look forward to your class, you have powerful leverage to curb misbehaviour because your consequences mean something to them. It is this combination of fun and accountability that will transform even the most difficult students.

Teacher's Day Special: Model Teachers In Tamil Films

Be yourself and never be afraid to show your personality. Tell hard-luck stories of your youth, take attendance in a funny accent, answer a question as an opera singer. Your students will love you for it. Some of the most commonly recommended strategies are dishonest and manipulative.

teacher student relationship tamil movie

Some may work in the moment, but cause more problems down the line. And some are just plain harmful to students. Michael Linsin is the bestselling author of three books about classroom management. His ideas can also be found on his blog, Smart Classroom Management.

Follow us on Twitter via GuardianTeach. Join the Guardian Teacher Network for lesson resources, comment and job opportunitiesdirect to your inbox. So they decided to put me in another school that was short-staffed and I got transferred to Tiruttani," he said. I used to narrate stories, understand their family background, talk to them about their future, and show them things via the projector It's probably because of all these new things I tried to do that we developed a real bond.

Watching them, I broke down," Mr Bhagawan said. The students even decided to skip school on Tuesday to take a firm stand against their teacher's transfer.

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He is one of the best teachers we have, completely involving himself in teaching students. During special classes that would go beyond school hours, he would help in arranging food for students and had been overall very friendly," the school's principal, A Aravind, told Times of India.

For now, it seems like the students' protest just may have worked. Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your conferences: Before the Conference Get informed.

तुम मेरे सबसे मस्त स्टुडेन्ट हो - School Teacher & Young Student Ka Pyaar - True Love Story

Make sure you're familiar with your school's or school district's protocols on progress reports or report cards, grading policies, and any other student assessment tools. As you move through the conference, the report card or progress report can be a springboard for discussion and help guide you through the meeting. Also, have any local or state standardized tests results available to share, if possible.

teacher student relationship tamil movie

Make sure you know how the standardized testing data will be used to customize or differentiate instruction for students. Preparing materials well before the conference will make you feel more at ease when families show up at your classroom door. As you're teaching during the school year, keep in mind which assessments will be shared and reported at conferences.

Review student data, assignments and assessments that you'll be sharing with parents, and make notes about what you'd like to ask parents about their children to support learning. In addition to progress reports, you may want to set aside separate conference folders with three to five student documents that support grades and progress, as well as any test results that are available. You can also prepare an outline or agenda for conferences and share them with parents so they know what to expect.

Some teachers keep worksheets with strengths, needs, and social or behavioral notes to guide them through conferences. If you'll be discussing any problems, make sure to have documentation, such as examples of misbehavior or missed assignments. Also, make sure to inform parents about any problems before the conference.

teacher student relationship tamil movie

If a parent knows about a concern before the conference, chances are you'll both be better equipped to discuss possible solutions during the conference. Be sure to communicate the importance of attending conferences at back-to-school night and other parent forums, and let parents know that they are a critical part of their child's instructional team.

When you send home information about conference dates and times, give parents several meeting times to choose from.

teacher student relationship tamil movie

On the invitation, remind parents that they'll be able to ask questions, because an effective parent-teacher conference is a two-way conversation about students. You might also want to remind parents to be respectful of other parents' time, and be clear that time slots won't be extended if parents arrive late.

A week or so before the conferences, send home reminders of where and when the conference will be held, as well as the meeting agenda. If a conflict arises and an in-person meeting is not an option, try to schedule an alternative way to meet, via phone or video.

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If you'll be phone- or video-conferencing, send home copies of materials ahead of time so parents can have them in hand while you talk. During the Conference Create a welcoming environment.

Make your classroom inviting by displaying students' work, and making space for the conference with an adult-sized table and chairs. If parents need to bring their child or other siblings, have an area set aside with puzzles, games, worksheets, or computers to limit distractions.