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PSC Trade Union Officer .. Following the latest attacks, a Council on Foreign Relations expert explained, “You have Palestinians who .. Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East, New York .. and hotel workers, which acted in this fiasco as a landlord bully threatening to kick out tenants for political speech. Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East, Among the workers' demands is the removal of LLD Namibia's general manager Mike Nesongano. Manhattan, 50% owned by Leviev's company Africa-Israel, 88 tenants protected . for UNICEF to resume a financial relationship with Lev Leviev. Evan is currently the campaign manager at Fight for the Future, a cutting edge non-profit that uses innovative viral technologies to organize some of the largest .

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The company, owned by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, whose companies are already a target of global condemnation for building Israeli settlements in the West Bank in violation of international law, has suspended the strikers and is threatening to begin disciplinary hearings to fire them, claiming the strike is illegal. In Namibia, the workers started their labor action on June 19, setting up a round-the-clock protest camp a few hundred yards from the factory gates.

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Workers have documented a range of hostile actions by Nesongano, including use of abusive language, disregard of labor law, threatening workers, unfair dismissals, unequal treatment and having a demoralizing attitude towards his workforce. The employees also accuse Nesongano of poor administration and favoring European administrators brought in by Leviev.

This corresponds to less than two U.

Land Developer BDS (Leviev)

LLD has a history of exploiting its workers. In the company, which only offered its workers temporary status, tried to force workers to sign contracts stating that they would not be paid until they reached certain production quotas. Kapwanga, refuses engagement with the workers on fair terms. He has publicly threatened that "[t]he relevant employees will be issued with notices to appear before a disciplinary hearing committee, upon which if found guilty they may face severe penalties and possible dismissal.

Lev Leviev got his start by supporting Apartheid in South Africa, and reaping profits from that regime's diamond industry. Today his support is directed at Israeli apartheid where the profits are no less handsome.

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The military has seized 60, political prisoners; it still holds and tortures 11, In the past ten years alone, U. Democratic and Republican presidential candidates fall over themselves to offer more of the same. Now, Israel is the cutting edge of threats against Syria and Iran.

In other words, oppression and resistance in Palestine is the epicenter of U.

Who is my Tenancy Relations Officer?

Workers in the United States pay a staggering human and financial price, including deepening economic crisis, for U. Labor Against the War, which receives funding from several major unions, remains adamantly silent about U. It strengthens the U. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Ultimately a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. Yes, the Israel lobby seeks to silence opponents of Israeli Apartheid. All the more need for trade unionists to break that silence by speaking out against Israeli military occupation, for the right of Palestinian refugees to return, and for the elimination of apartheid throughout historic Palestine. Therefore, we reaffirm our support for an immediate and total: