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The anime series Tenjho Tenge was directed by Toshifumi Kawase, animated by Madhouse, the form of an original video animation named Tenjho Tenge: Ultimate Fight. . Mana later has an affair with Mitsuomi, as both of them realize that the relationship between Shin and Maya is that of lovers rather than of siblings. Explore Luna Kwon's board "Tenjou Tenge" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Tenjou tenge, Maya and Maya civilization. Tenjho Tenge also written as Tenjo Tenge, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated . in the form of an original video animation named Tenjho Tenge: Ultimate Fight. Overall, the anime is considered to be above average, but suffers from a lack of a good ending, mainly because the anime only covered the first.

While I was writing that, I decided to do a little experiment, specifically I would re-watch the Tenjou Tenge anime, which I remembered being pretty mediocre, and I would read the manga alongside it to see the difference.

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The experiment itself has revealed some interesting results I now realized I can read the manga so long as the anime was in fact mediocre and the manga is better. There will be major spoilers ahead, you have been warned. Where the show well and truly falls apart though is when it goes into the backstory. In Tenjou Tenge there are a few chapters that take place in the present to start with before we jump into a bunch of chapters about a previous conflict from two years ago that sets the stage for the current conflict.

When your backstory is as long as your main story, you have a problem, or you could just split it into two different stories.

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However the anime suffers in a big way because of it, and not just because it spends so much time in the past. Again I sort of see why they chose him, the manga starts by focusing on him and he does have the more stand out design, Nagi is a delinquent with blond hair so he stands out amid all the more normal students.

Takayanagi on the other hand looks like any generic random guy. Tenjou Tenge is high school battle anime set in a high school that is dedicated to preserving martial arts, so naturally everyone can fight. In addition to the martial arts are people who can perform superhuman techniques using their chi. Nagi Souichirou and his friend Bob Makihara, one of the few genuinely interesting black dudes in anime, attend the school with the goal of taking it over by force.

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They fail spectacularly when they butt heads with Juken Club, which they will later join. Because in addition to chi powers, there are other superpowers related to various Chinese dragons and they are passed down family bloodlines.

Aya and Souicihirou have dragon powers. Shin founded the Juken Club two years ago after his previous group, KATANA was destroyed, thanks to him losing control of his powers and tearing most of his own team apart, and Maya instigating the whole thing in attempt to get stronger.

I feel I should mention at this point that Shin is a huge sis-con and Maya is a bit of a bro-con. Also Mitsuomi develops feelings for Maya and she reciprocates, and this eventually leads to the death of Shin, the turning of Mitsuomi from a nice guy to cold-hearted leader and sets Maya and the Juken Club against Mitsuomi and his Student Council.

The anime series has been licensed for the English language by Geneon Entertainmentand has released all episodes except the DVD special named Tenjho Tenge: The Past Chapter, which is the back-story told through flashbacks in the second half of the anime television series condensed into the size of four episodes.

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Although not mentioned on the Geneon Entertainment 's website, or the Tenjho Tenge mini-site, [22] the OVA is available on the last volume, sometimes listed as Episodes 25 and List of Tenjho Tenge music The anime's music, including the background music and theme songs, were composed and performed by various artists, such as m. T and Aiko Kayo who provided the opening and closing themes songs of the anime.

InAvex record label released the Tenjho Tenge soundtrack and a single. Greatis known to flavor his works with wanton sex and violence. Great uses sex as an important aspect of the storyline by using it as a powerful motivator both negatively and positively. This conscious deliberation of subjective reasoning and objective truth between characters is the most imperative aspect of story and is considered to be rare in manga.

Great's narrative is occasionally hard to follow and at times the plot moves slowly.

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Great is known for his characters to have unrealistic body proportionsand Tenjho Tenge is no different. The majority of the female characters have "ultra large breasts" [34] and the male characters are extraordinarily muscular, but this facilitates the characters' personalities to come through in their distinctive features.