Thunderbirds 2004 ending a relationship

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thunderbirds 2004 ending a relationship

in active labour gave birth to their babies in the hull of Thunderbird 2. his inability to deal with the abrupt ending to his relationship with his. The Thunderbirds was released in , directed by Johnathan Frakes, starring Brady I was actually on the edge of my seat by the end of the title sequence, to be relationship is similar to that between Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth. The Hood is the main villain and adversary of International Rescue in the Thunderbirds TV The name "The Hood" is only used once used in the TV episodes; at the end of the episode Edge of Impact the General can be heard In the second feature film, Thunderbird 6, there is a villain known only as "Black Phantom".

First off, it would be remiss of me not to thank Jack for his kind invitation to write this review. How could I not? Personally, I love the film. Gerry Anderson had famously wanted to produce live action movies and television before he ended up being saddled with puppets, and decided to make the most of the situation by making the puppet stories as realistic as possible. There have been several rumored and talked about live action projects over the decades, both feature film and television versions, from plausible sounding concepts to ones that are downright odd.

One of the potential projects would have starred the Baldwin brothers as four of the Tracy brothers. Another would have seen Robert Redford in the role of Jeff Tracy.

Like virtually all films, there was also a much earlier version of the script that would become the final film.

thunderbirds 2004 ending a relationship

The name can still be found in some press releases and info packs about the film. Personally, I have no issues with this, but it seems to drive some people bananas.

Moving on… The titles proper commence as the craft blast off and one of the characters is driven away in a prison transport vehicle. Josie Tracy felt tears of relief flowing down her face. Scott Tracy simply shook his head at how he had underestimated his youngest brother. Jeff Tracy went to open his mouth about the twenty five thousand dollars involved. His mouth refused to move.

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The Spirit held it tight until her son continued to speak. I love her Sir. You and Scott may think I am incapable of being responsible for my actions but I am. And I have been Dad.

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That's the other thing. Alan looked back at Tin-Tin. She looked like she was going to throw up again. He knew how she felt. He looked directly at his Father. I had to do other things including this I know you won't approve of this I've married her Dad. She is now my wife. Virgil felt a nuclear bomb could have been dropped in that lounge room now and not had the same effect. The kid had gotten married?

All eyes riveted on Tin-Tin. I have been called from my place in heaven to return to this family. Do not reject me. Our son could have aborted me. What do you mean aborted you? What in the blazes does that mean? I'm on my way back to you Jeff. You will soon hold me again.

thunderbirds 2004 ending a relationship

I would give everything I have to hold you again. Please wait for me until December Lucy. Please wait for me until December Jeff I wish Kyrano would say something. At least he acknowledges the love he feels for my child and he has not hurt her in the way I feared.

thunderbirds 2004 ending a relationship

I wish his Father would say something. I watched him make the commitment and marry her. Speak with him later and be at peace with this. My son is a complex young man who is powered by his emotions. But despite it all he loves your daughter Mr Kyrano. Of that you can be very sure. I have watched the two of them since they have been nine years old. It was when they met I was told I would be returning.

Twelve years is a long time. I must accept that while their love has grown slowly it is real. They are going to be my parents. I have never been more wrong about you.

thunderbirds 2004 ending a relationship

I am so sorry for judging you as I have. Now stand by your little brother as he talks to his father about the money. I would not have left him as a baby if I had a choice.

I am asking you to stand by him now as I asked you to stand by him the day I died. He will take the consequences Scott. Simply stand by his side. I'm not showing it because I know it should have happened in another way.

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But it hasn't and I don't care. My grandson has finally married this little girl and nothing has made me happier than I feel right now. Lucille; darling, I know you had something to do with this. You have left your mark on us again. You have cared for my babies all of these years. I am very tired from protecting myself from certain death these past three days.

I need to rest now. Convince my Jeff that Alan's marriage is as good and decent as the marriage the two of us had. He'd expected someone to have hit him by now. He swallowed and turned to face at Kyrano. I want to tell you officially that Tin-Tin and I are expecting a baby on December It's my child and I accept responsibility for it despite my stupidity these past few days.

End Of The Road/Storyline

Tin-Tin is everything to me Kyrano. I'm asking you to approve of our marriage Sir. He had much to say to him. Jeff Tracy eyed his son. He had more than a lot to say. Scott Tracy was deep in thought. He wanted to talk to the spirit again.

He willed her to return.

thunderbirds 2004 ending a relationship

She did not seem to be listening. I would speak with you in my rooms. I want you in my study Alan. Do you still want to talk to me? He had more than a lot to say to him too.

I want to speak with you now. She was really tired.

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It was like the baby was suddenly willing her to rest, almost as if it had been through some sort of ordeal. She looked at Alan as he left the room with her Father. She rose quietly and went to leave the room herself. Jeff Tracy watched her her go, the spirit's words still turning around meaninglessly inside him. He would hold her again? Wait for her until December? Could it be that voice was telling him Tin-Tin was carrying a daughter? After the period is up, the family defeats him.

Powers and abilities[ edit ] TV series and comics[ edit ] Throughout the original series, the Hood was shown to be a master of disguise, using various masks to try and discover the secrets of the Thunderbirds machines and carry out various missions. He also possessed strange hypnotic powers of unknown origin, although these abilities were apparently limited to making people carry out simple commands, such as to follow him or put them to sleep.

He was also apparently unable to use these powers to acquire information; on one occasion he attempted to force Brains to tell him the location of a lost treasure by burying him up to his neck in sand and sunlight and depriving him of water rather than simply hypnotising him to learn the answer, suggesting that he cannot make people tell him information but simply make them carry out certain actions. The only exception to this ability has been when he hypnotises Kyrano, as he was able to make Kyrano tell him such information as when International Rescue would be ready to start operating or where the organisation's headquarters was located.

These abilities were apparently aided by a statue of Kyrano he had in his temple, as he always stood in front of it when making contact with his brother. He was also able to implant post-hypnotic suggestions to make Kyrano carry out certain actions when the Hood was no longer in direct 'contact' with him, such as when he had Kyrano disable the automatic camera detectors prior to the rescue in Martian Invasion so that he could photograph the Thunderbirds without them knowing.

Although these hypnotic attacks always have a significant effect on Kyrano, causing him to collapse to the ground in pain before he is finally forced to reveal the information the Hood seeks, it would appear that Kyrano is not consciously aware of these assaults, as he always passes them off as mere 'dizzy spells' in their aftermath despite his otherwise unquestionable loyalty to Jeff Tracy. In the series, the Hood has not demonstrated any of his hypnotic abilities, but retains his knack for cunning plans, and was shown to command significant resources, possessing at least three henchmen, a large flying machine, and the technical resources necessary to create and distribute a large number of earthquake-inducing machines around the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Film[ edit ] In the film, the Hood's abilities were changed to telekinesis, allowing him to levitate himself and move objects, although his temporary control of Lady Penelope and Parker's bodies when they attempted to rescue the Tracys suggests that he retained at least some of his old hypnotic powers.

However, over-use of these abilities weakened him, and—in a marked contrast to the series—his niece Tin-Tin Vanessa Hudgens was also shown to possess these abilities, although she only ever used them to help her friends; she even managed to overpower her uncle in a duel, although he had been weakened by over-using his powers while fighting Alan. Reception[ edit ] Cultural historian Nicholas J. What Made Thunderbirds Go!

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