Tom lesher astrology report relationship

tom lesher astrology report relationship

Astrologer and Intuitive 'Kaypacha' Tom Lescher Comes to Santa Fe He is the author of "The Pele Report", a weekly astrological YouTube food, politics, relationships and art or; anything that involves groups of people. of interpreting astrology under his belt, Tom 'Kaypacha' Lescher specializes in a As you might guess, Evolutionary Astrology looks at the correlation to shoot an astrology report for friends, and soon, the things went viral. Here is brother Kaypacha's Astrological Report for the week of February 19th Wonderful insights about the shifting of the North and South Nodes which.

Kaypacha is equally masterful and playful, spiritual and analytical, embodying the delicate balance of the feminine and masculine. His delivery is thorough and captivating as he discusses the weekly astrological influences, preparing and advising the viewer on how to work with the current energies, whether that means going into deep inner space through meditation, or letting go of the past, or getting out there and going for it in a big way.

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Kaypacha offers astrology readings, and the fact that he is currently booked out through the end of the year speaks to his mastery of his craft. As a heart-based visionary, he is gathering together astrologers, healers, and spiritually-minded individuals to create a world-wide community of people who support the consciousness shift on planet earth to form a society based on harmonious actions and sustainable practices living in accordance with the natural world and the Higher Law of Divine Love.

He is practicing and teaching living in union, which is part of the current astrological cycle. Living in union not only means union within ourselves, mind, body and spirit but that all of us need to work together, help and support one another to bring about this massive shift that has already begun on this planet that so many of us want.

We are all in this together, no one gets left behind. The new, worldwide community is currently working on bringing together a portal of links to new paradigm innovations, inventions and initiatives that can assist us as we move forward through the shift.

  • Kaypacha Astrology Report: Our relationship, its purpose, our destiny~

If you are looking for a community to join, a project to assist or a movement to participate in, check back here often as we'll be adding links as we become aware of them.

Kaypacha has presentations and workshops lined up all over the globe including exotic locales such as Ubud, Bali, Indonesia and Byron Bay, Australia, as well as more geographically accessible events like the Tribal Vision Festival in Taos, New Mexico, and an Astrology Circle he is co-presenting in Boulder Colorado.

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Which is when someone made a joke about the full moon. Which is when I made a joke that I was supposed to be writing about it.

tom lesher astrology report relationship

As you might guess, Evolutionary Astrology looks at the correlation between the cosmos and the evolution of human-beings and all beings really on our Earth as a whole.

This is about learning to see the big picture, understanding our purpose, and moving forward equipped with the knowledge to create the best possible outcome for our collective selves.

Astrologer and Intuitive ‘Kaypacha’ Tom Lescher Comes to Santa Fe

It all started when he began a daily Kundalini Yoga practice. After some time, he sold his belongings, moved to Hawaii and bought a video camera to keep in touch with friends and family.

tom lesher astrology report relationship

Unpacking it, he saw he could make videos, went out in his backyard to shoot an astrology report for friends, and soon, the things went viral. Soon, he had so many requests for readings, he started a collective called the New Paradigm Astrologyputting together a team of bad-ass astrologers, each with their own unique skill, who teach astrology via the website, answer questions via their forum, and do personal readings.

How cool is that? In those terms, it actually sounds pretty exciting, right? In plain terms, we are moving away from a system of hierarchy in terms of organized religion, the need to be solitary in order to feel connected, and towards a more unified existence of information-sharing hello, internet and globalization where humanity will explore being on an equal playing field.

tom lesher astrology report relationship