Top 10 relationship goals messages

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top 10 relationship goals messages

Get the best tips and how to have strong marriage/relationship here: (Best .. ladies out there, married or hoping to one day take the plunge, this message is for you. interesting article 10 Things a Hurting Husband Needs from His Wife I think. Relationship goals are best viewed as a loose guideline on how to best give and Take a peek through their messages, calls or social media?. 10 Relationship Goals That Actually Matter ©iStock/ Having the best sex you can together. Sure, you both might be good now, but where is this heading?.

You lose trust, mutual respect, and eventually love. Being kind doesn't mean you have to agree with each other or even feel loving during a challenging moment. It does mean you agree to avoid attacking, insulting, or intentionally wounding each other.

10 Real “Relationship Goals” Everyone Should Have

It means you speak forthrightly without using passive or manipulative behaviors. It means you step away or count to ten when you feel like lashing out, knowing that you don't want to say or do something you'll later regret. We are all human, and of course, there will be times you fall short of your kindness goal. But make it a goal to apologize quickly, offer forgiveness quickly, and reset your kindness goal as soon as possible.

Relationship goal 5- Embrace vulnerability. Each partner enters a relationship with past baggage, insecurities, feelings of shame or guilt, and tenuous hopes and dreams. We have vulnerabilities that we want to hide from others so they don't think less of us.

As trust and intimacy grow within a relationship, you share some of your vulnerabilities and inner pain with your partner.

top 10 relationship goals messages

You expose your soft underbelly in hopes of finding a place of safety and security where you can be yourself completely. This may interest you: Would you like to question your way to lasting love and intimacy?

Mutual questioning is a powerful technique to draw out deeper emotions and desires and address potential areas of conflict before they disrupt your closeness. The right questions inspire understanding, compassion, and action for positive change.

Nothing is more wounding to a relationship than having your vulnerabilities disparaged, disregarded, or worse, thrown back in your face in order to make you feel bad about yourself.

How to Confidently Tell Someone You Like Them The ability to safely be vulnerable with one another can strengthen the bond between you and foster a deeper love and intimacy than you thought possible.

When your partner embraces your vulnerabilities and treats them with dignity, it can heal wounds from the past and make you feel more confident in who you are. Make it a goal to be completely open, vulnerable, and real with each other. But more importantly, make it a goal to always treat one another's vulnerabilities with tender loving care. Relationship goal 6- Plan for fun together. Life is already serious and stressful. Your days are spent working, caring for children, running errands, dealing with problems, and worrying about future problems.

Your relationship should be a place of peace and respite from the tribulations of daily life. In fact, your relationship should provide an outlet for enjoying life to the fullest. Think back to the time when you first met your spouse or love partner and how much fun you had together.

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At that early stage of your love, you didn't have to work too hard to have fun. Everything was fun, and you delighted in finding fun things to do together. Make it a goal to schedule time for fun and play every week.

top 10 relationship goals messages

Sit down with your spouse to discuss what you both consider fun activities. Be open to trying new things that might differ from your initial ideas of fun.

Real Relationship Goals 1: Reading and Praying Together— Every godly couple who are seeking to pursue a relationship together the way God intended should be continually encouraging one another in the Word and in Prayer.

Pushing each other closer to the Lord is the most selfless thing you could do for each other.

top 10 relationship goals messages

For instance, if you enter into a relationship thinking that it will fix all of your problems, loneliness, depression, emptiness, worry, lack of security, ect. People who date just because they like each other are just fooling themselves. That means you are contributing to the relationship. A real man and a real woman will stay away from having relationships with people they do not foresee having a marriage with. They save their hearts, minds, and bodies for the one special person who God will reveal to them at the right time for the right reason.

God loves it when marriage is more important than looking good or having fun.

10 Real “Relationship Goals” Everyone Should Have | A Lovely Calling

Write Each Other Love Letters- Not only is this sweet and endearing, it really forces you to think about things to say to your love. It forces you to really search your heart to think deeply about this other person and what they really mean to you. So it really helps you filter through what you get to say to the person you love. It will bring you so much closer! Strong Communication Skills- So, this one is tricky.

top 10 relationship goals messages

You can take this point 2 ways: Married people can confirm what I am about to say. No matter how close you are, you both will always be needing to work on communication. Show your spouse that you care about his or her accomplishments, no matter how small they may be. Pursue a new hobby or get active in a local organization together. All the events that you go to as a result will be more opportunities to bond with your spouse.

If you are in couples counseling, you may also discuss these issues with your counselor. The key here is to avoid bringing friends and family members into your relationship conflicts because that will ultimately make matters worse. If you get distracted during your bonding time, your spouse will think you are not interested in the moment.

top 10 relationship goals messages

If you give your undivided attention to the moment at hand, you and your spouse will both have a better time.