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torian mako relationship marketing

Torian Cadera is a Human Mandalorian male companion for the Bounty Hunter. Cartel Market · Credits · GTN . As a result, Torian's relationship with his fellow Mandalorians is complicated, and he's had to prove himself time Torian Cadera and Mako stuck together the longest, though when Mandalore called the clans. Athnasios (Tom) Asimakopulos (),. McGill University Chris and Jean Spicer work in their market garden, and the market garden . sense, relationships enduring in the place and now passed out of mind”. (8). But I am less . torians have begun to examine what Linda Nash calls the “inescapable ecologies”. Torian Cadera- Torian is the youngest out of all the romances. She's not going to re-enter a romantic relationship after he vanishes. Mako: Pretty much the same as Vette above, though unlike Vette I don't think clear this is not a rant about subcription but this is an alert of sorts about the cartel market.

She's going to be queen, she's going to get offers of political marriage--one such offer actually does pop up during her romance. The only reason she turns it down is because of the Smuggler, but if he's supposedly dead and she's struggling? If marrying some nobleman would help her, then I believe Risha is practical enough to do it. I also doubt that Bioware is dumb enough to make a previous romance unavailable, so it's more likely she'd only be engaged upon the Smuggler's return and would have to choose between the man she loves and the man helping her against the Eternal Empire.

I can totally see my sith with Scourge. Scourge isn't emotionless by choice, its a side effect of the immortality given to him by the emperor. He constantly cries about food having no taste and no feels. That also affected his other areas, so he is now asexual. Yermog Companions from other classes will not have anything in common with your hero.

Torian Cadera

Yes, I would have been very surprised if they had said you could romance companions from each other's storylines. I think they'll let you romance your former LI's and they'll probably toss in a couple more for us to enjoy which they will announce later. I doubt you'll be able to romance a companion you weren't able to originally though. With what's been disclosed so far on what happens to you, it should be a big deal. You are carbonite'd following an Eternal Empire attack on your ship.

When you are rescued after five years of metal Popsicle, Lana says that your "memories" of your companions dying are probably just stasis hallucinations. Some characters in particular should be mad over that. LS Inquisitor for example. If you play that as intended actually earning her affection Ashara is what keeps him level and minimizes the puppy kicking. With the Inquisitor's other framing and advisers Aaaaaannnd now I have an image in my head of Scourge quietly weeping on his bunk surrounded by crumpled tissues.

He's spooning ice cream into his mouth and sobbing between mouthfuls, "No flavor. Yes, I know he said he has no feelings as well, but just run with the image for a moment, lol. Ugh, my smuggler is only seventeen, she'll be twenty-two after the five years frozen. That's, that's a little weird with the age difference now. I mean, it wouldn't be as bad if I made her eighteen.

So obviously with this new expansion, a lot of things are going to change, including our companions who, as the developers have said, will have scattered to the four metaphorical winds by the time you wake up. I could never imagine that, with the VA. Actually I did the math again. Corso is 22 in Chapter One.

torian mako relationship marketing

Which probably doesn't help you much in the RP area, but still good to know. It will be interesting to see where it goes, don't know if I want to play it first with my JK or my smuggler.

Both of them are very happy with their lives at the moment, what will happen to them and their husbands? Have started to lvl a Imperial Agent with the intention of keeping her single, that's a first for me when it comes to BioWare-games. She will probably be my first character to play, aka testsubject: Lawl, I just realized that Theron is probably older than Corso.

I don't think you age if you're frozen in carbonite? I decided most of my girls would be over twenty-five But then I thought, hey, I would romance someone fifteen years older than me, so I don't care if Elly is seven years older than Torian! The smuggler is an ace pilot with her own starship, has a variety of contacts in the galactic underworld, has a standing arrest warrant for them on Coruscant per the need to hack the arrival terminaland is an active arms dealer at the start of the story.

torian mako relationship marketing

Definitely mid to late 20s. Let's swap charries, they can meet half way. I tend to make all my heroines seventeen. Although, I do tend to lean toward YA in my writings. Sorry, I don't know how to quote multiple posts at once. But, that's why I said Bioware's story is only a legend of Jasmin. My head-canon, she has no starship, she's essentially an escaped slave on the run from the Sith.

Pretty much, she's a stowaway. Her only blaster just the one she managed to steal upon her escape. Head-canon, Bowdaar Kitaddik is her only pal. Though, I am considering changing Theron's name, in case we can have him, or Jakkaro as a companion, like we're getting Lana.

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Anything younger is weird to me. They all sound more mature and accomplish more. The only two that could be teenagers are IMO the two Sith. Inquisitor - He's a slave whose ordered to Korriban, several of the other acolytes are very immature and you come across weak Force Sensitives as an Imperial on Balmorra who are trying to flee so they don't get sent straight to Korriban as is the law. The Empire doesn't care that they'll probably die; they will certainly die if they don't go.

Sith Warrior - Blue-blood prodigy who is explicitly on Korriban earlier than would be expected and hasn't internalized Sith teachings saying to Baras that you have is labeled [Lie].

What's the Best Crew Skill for My Class in SWTOR?

Almost has to be in the age band. I agree about the Inquisitor. Bottom age is 17, though, to prevent anything illegal in the romances. I think the other teenager is the Knight, not the Warrior, though. Hal Hood, the writer of the Knight's story, said they were supposed to be about Which is technically still a teen.

I actually think the Warrior is older than you estimate--Sith nobility would often hold back their kids from going to Korriban until they were adults, so they could give them specialized training and improve their chance of survival. I pin their age as somewhere between 21 and Everyone else has to be in their mid-twenties, at least. The Agent and Trooper have elite training that would take several years to complete, the Smuggler is already a semi-prominent figure in the underworld, and the Hunter's been in the business long enough to have a shot at the Great Hunt.

Bounty Hunter The best crew skills for the Bounty Hunter. With both a Critical in Biochem and Bioanalysis you're set. The Bounty Hunter isn't bad at Cybertech or Armormech either, with added Efficiency in both skills as well as their secondary skills, Underworld Trading and Scavenging.

Sith Inquisitor Khem Val: With an Efficiency bonus to Synthweaving, combined with Critical bonuses to Underworld Trading and Archaeology, you get a good mix of skills to make Synthweaving worthwhile, and Artifice is a close second. With Criticals in Scavenging, Archaeology, and Slicing, another solid option is to use this as a gatherer for those nodes to feed to other characters. Although Cybertech has no Critical bonuses, the three Efficiency bonuses will help you get everything done at a faster pace.

With all Efficiency bonuses, taking Cybertech isn't a bad choice either, though it is the least marketable.

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Armormech is at the top with all three of its skills having Critical bonuses. Biochem and Armstech follow suit as your secondary options with solid bonuses for Efficiency and Critical hits with each skill set. Cybertech is still quite viable, but likely your last choice for a Trooper. With the crafting skill Critical, Armstech takes top spot on the list, with Cybertech and Synthweaving both roughly tied for second place for getting the most out of your crew.

This goes double if you're choosing a tank spec. After that, the best choice is Synthweaving with its Critical bonus and associated Archaeology bonus. This means that not only will they finish tasks just a little bit faster, but they'll do them slightly better as well. While not a huge increase, it can be a welcome addition to any class you choose even if you do nothing but send him out on crew skill missions. His skill and dedication let him rise in the ranks and gain the trust of Mandalore the Avenger herself, earning him a place by her side.

The Champion's crew attempted find their boss but they soon become broke and goals shifted, everyone soon went their own ways. Torian Cadera and Mako stuck together the longest, though when Mandalore called the clans together, Torian had to leave Mako on Carratosknowing she can take care of herself.

Torian Cadera volunteered for the most dangerous strikes and infultration missions against the Eternal Fleetleading very successful missions. Because of this, he would become one of Shae Vizla 's most trusted advisers and their top scout. With so few of Clan Cadera left in the galaxy, Torian took leadership over his clan.