Touma misaka relationship with god

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touma misaka relationship with god

But sometimes they call her 'Misaka-sama, Misaka-san' etc. A high schooler boy named Kamijo Touma is an level 0 It means that he don't have any powers. After the huge surge in popularity surrounding the A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun series with the recent airing of Railgun season 2 it. Anime picture with to aru kagaku no railgun j. staff misaka mikoto kamijou touma dsmile tall image short hair blush black hair brown hair looking away night city.

Edit Touma met Misaka when she was being harassed by delinquents and, unaware of her Level Five nature, tried to save her, only to accidentally make her angry which led to her frying all of the delinquents herself.

However, he genuinely cares for her as shown during the Sister's Arc, when he stopped her from trying to get herself killed, as well as consoled her when she cried. Misaka was the first person to discover Touma's memory loss albeit by accident. It's hinted that she has feelings for him. He was also more defending for Touma, as Kanou Shinka had blamed Touma for not being able to save Frenda Seivelun in time before she died, which Shiage found such a thing to be both unreasonable and impossible as Touma didn't even know Frenda, much less knew that she was in danger.

He is also his neighbor. He is superior to Touma in fighting [30] and Touma respects him for that. Likewise, Tsuchimikado respects Touma as good person and even told Kanzaki that she can trust him. Tsuchimikado even went as far as to warn Aleister Crowley that if he continues toying with people lives, Touma would break his illusion. As a spy from the Anglican Church and othershe drags Touma under orders from the church to different missions like the English Civil War.

Even if Touma does not want to go, Tsuchimikado uses some extreme ways to carry out the order. For example in the aforementioned arc he calls Touma telling him that Index is needed in England and being her caretaker Touma has to go with her.

When Touma flat out refuses after what happened in the previous excursions; Motoharu simply throws a canister of knockout gas into his apartment and leaves them both stranded at the airport with no choice but forward.

Edit Tsukuyomi Komoe is Touma's homeroom teacher in a certain high school.

Shokuhou Misaki

She describes him as a naughty boy when he enrolled and says that "a lot of things have happened". During that time he thought that she was an innocent person who he had dragged in all this and took her with him, only to find out that she was the leader of this magic cabal. Later, he will be involved in a magic-related incident and Birdway explained that she's here to seek assistance from Index and Touma. There he finds out through Mark Space that she is a person who would sacrifice her own subordinates in order to succeed in her plans.

Get out of here you pervert! I'm not his type. He likes matured onee-chan types with big boobs. You mean, like that Kanzaki Saint, the artificial angel Kazakiri, that classmate Fukiyose, the Level 5 Shoku— I'm cutting you off right there!

touma misaka relationship with god

Where did you even learn that? Have you watched the Index anime, Saten-san? I'll fall in love with him D-did Misaka-san just— Yes, she admitted it With the writer of the short list out cold, Othinus decided to keep the paper, knowing that it wouldn't be safe within the vicinity of Mikoto's crazy teleporter roommate. Not long after, the Electromaster regained consciousness and they all decided to head home. What greeted Othinus was a familiar sight of Touma wearing his apron and cooking dinner in the kitchen.

What did you guys do? He let out a hum of interest but didn't inquire any further. A few more minutes later, he was done with dinner and was preparing their food on the table. After saying the Japanese pre-meal thanksgiving, Touma spoke. She shrugged, "She's the most normal among your friends. She's the only one that I can actually talk to about anything that's happening in my life, be it the Magic Side, the Science Side or just the usual normal student stuff.

I guess it also helps that she stopped being unreasonably violent with me. But even with that, she's great, isn't she? If she didn't know him very well, she'd think at was almost a confession She doesn't seem like your other friends.

She's my comrade when things get out of hand in the Magic or the Science side, but at the end of the day, we can still hang out like normal students talking about homework and upcoming exams. It's nice to have her around, because with her, I don't forget that the Kamijou Touma who fights against monstrously strong supernatural beings is the same as the Kamijou Touma who is a plain high school idiot that always takes remedial classes. She honestly didn't expect his answer to be that deep. Othinus's eyes grew large as she witnessed something she never thought was possible.

Kamijou Touma was blushing. I just answered your question. And his stuttering really gave him away. Othinus couldn't believe it. She spent the whole day with a lovesick Sparky only to find out there shouldn't be anything to be lovesick about. And though the whole ordeal was somehow entertaining, it still vexed her that these two people were equally stupid.

She shot the boy a serious look and declared, "Date her.

Mental Out Arc

Othinus could only smile silently as she watched Touma's expression change from confused, to slightly offended, to stupidly happy when he read the paper.

Once he finished reading, he sent her an unbelieving but hopeful look which she responded with an expectant one. Grinning, he wasted no time standing up and searching for a pen. The Magic God hummed pleasantly as she ate her food. Those two could be so adorable sometimes.

Touma had never been the first one to seek Misaka Mikoto out when he was out in the city. Sure, he enjoyed bumping into her, but he had always had this almost paranoid thought that she'd get sick of him or think he was creepy if they always 'accidentally' bump into each other.

The fake Unabara Mitsuki was a proof of that so Touma decided to leave his and Mikoto's meetings in fate's hands. But today would be the first exception of the hopefully many more to come. There was an instant blush on her cheeks, and knowing the reason behind it the paper was safely inside his pocket made him want to smile goofily at her.

He fought the urge though and pretended not to notice the red tint of her cheeks as he said, "I've been looking for you. There's something—" he was cut off when Shirai suddenly teleported in front of him, serving as a barrier between him and Mikoto. He instinctively took a step back as the Teleporter jabbed a finger at his chest whilst glaring murderously at him.

Biting back a sigh, he looked over to Mikoto who was still a little confused at what had happened. Smiling a little as he watched the Electromaster shout a reprimanding "Kuroko! She sent him a curious gaze, "I thought you said you were looking for me. Promise me to read it when you have enough privacy. Upon seeing her, Misaki feels that she is similar to her. Ayu confirms this, revealing that she had Mental Stinger and is stuck at Level 3 because of Shokuhou Misaki's powers being developed instead of hers.

Misaki then starts to deconstruct Ayu's reasoning on her grudge pointing out its flawed nature and using Touma as an example of his determination dispite being a Level 0. Ayu mocks her and reveals that not only does she know Touma but her real reason for seeking vengence is because she was not saved unlike Misaki and that it was her fault. Ayu manages to get close to Misaki and is able to use Mental Stinger on her giving Misaki a strange sensation.

touma misaka relationship with god

In spite of this, Misaki points out her action's futility as having the same type of power any interference can be deflected, but Ayu believes it, saying that it's true only if both reject it and then asks Misaki what will happen if she accepts it instead.

Misaki then realizes Ayu is not directly using her power on her mind, but rather as an ignition to make her lose control of Mental Out to which Ayu confirm saying she is using Misaki's power to drag her in her head, which she succeeds in immedietly after.

Ayu explains further that the reason Touma was not able to save her was because of him losing his cellphone when they first met bumping into one another. After finishing her story Misaki asks her on the reason she is wearing the Designers' Gel suit, and Ayu realizing the true question answered that she did not want Touma to know that she was still alive, but had fallen to such a level.

After hearing this Misaki then declares that she will save her because it is what Touma would do.

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Mental Stinger Edit Trapped within Mitsuari's mind, Misaki tries to figure out Mitsuari's motive despite the fact that Ayu can read her every thought. In spite of her taunts, Misaki determines that Mitsuari's revenge is beyond just simply killing her.

But it was too late, as Mitsuari Ayu herself is weakening the world that Misaki is trapped in as it is no longer needed. Though Misaki is trapped physically in the real world by the OS and mentally by Ayu's powers, she still has a trick up her sleeve. The battle turns into a physical confrontation between Misaki and Ayu, and though Misaki tried to use OS to create illusions against Ayu.

However, Ayu manages to use her phone to filter out what she sees. In the end, Ayu manages to hit Misaki's head and used her smartphone to finally beat her, knocking her unconscious. Despite this, Misaki tells Ayu the non-believing that Touma will come to save her in spite of all odds, as he is her hero. Beyond all hope, Misaki blows upon the whistle Touma gave to her a year ago so that he will come to her.

Angered by her, Ayu tries to strangle Misaki, rationalizing that though Touma may be a hero he isn't almighty and that she is an example of that limitation. However, beyond all hope, Ayu's expectations are overturned at last and Touma finally arrives as if to answer Misaki's call. Ayu later breaks down at the sight of Touma's arrival, making her ability go haywire, though Touma easily negates it. Touma later helps resolve the conflict that happened there in the name of the memories that they had for him that summer a year ago.

Misaki then tells Ayu to get saved by Touma as she has been saved enough.