Traynor relationship mass effect 3 cheats

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traynor relationship mass effect 3 cheats

Romance walkthrough. Traynor wastes no time indicating her preference for females by calling EDI's voice “attractive.” If you're interested, you. Samantha Traynor Comm Specialist Race Human Gender Female Voice Actor Alix Wilton Regan Appearances Mass Effect 3 Specialist Samantha Traynor is the If Shepard and Traynor's relationship is platonic, Shepard allows her to use the tub as . how smart and lucky she is before adding she also probably cheats. Find Game Front's extensive library of Mass Effect 3 cheats and Otherwise, scroll down to get our tips for a successful romance in Mass Effect 3. Just like Cortez, Traynor is available at the beginning of ME3 once you have.

Otherwise, scroll down to get our tips for a successful romance in Mass Effect 3. Save the galaxy with our huge video walkthrough for Mass Effect 3. For more extra content, browse over to our cheats page. Mass Effect 3 Spoilers Ahead! All serious relationships are final!

You can only have one romantic relationship. Trying one will nullify others. Always choose Polite or Paragon choices while talking to potential partners. Generally, those are the upper choice, with Impolite or Renegade options below.

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Talk to her there to build intimacy and trust, and before completing the missions on Tuchanka. Invite her up and discuss her time capsule.

Like my choice in ME2 was Miranda but cause i spend so little time with her in ME3 damn you Bioware i thought i'd expand my options. So right now my game is saved to the point where i have the option to get romantically involved with Liara So if i pick to be more then friends with her, will i get locked out of romancing ANY other character further on?

Would this mean the game wont allow me to pursue Ashley, that reporter babe, or even Miranda if i get the opportunity to be again with her did told her i was still interested in her Bit confused so can someone please clarify.

traynor relationship mass effect 3 cheats

Taiketo Taiketo 6 years ago 5 If you pursue a relationship with Liara you get the Paramour achievement you are locked out of one-night flings with Allers and Traynor. I don't know about Miranda.

One is an unstoppable juggernaut of head-butting destruction Traynor is impressed if the punchline refers to her, claiming it's better than the "number of testicles" original, and happily offers a rematch.

traynor relationship mass effect 3 cheats

Otherwise, she snarks about the Commander feeling defensive if Shepard jokingly pulls rank regarding the matter of performance reviews. In any event, Shepard congratulates her for adjusting to life outside the lab. After the attempted Cerberus coupTraynor draws Shepard's attention to some Cerberus scientists who are on the run from their own organization.

She suggests that Shepard find them and recruit them for the war effort. Shepard can choose to rescue the scientists. Traynor frequently converses with Diana Allers on the communicator, sometimes regarding her new stories for the Alliance News Networkother times on more trivial issues like why female reporters have to look feminine. After the fall of Thessiaa frustrated Shepard asks the assembled crew in the War Room if they know of any lead on where Cerberus is hiding.


EDI glances at Traynor, who tentatively reveals how she tracked Kai Leng 's shuttle and managed to extrapolate his destination: She reports all signal activity being actively blocked in that region of space, and deems it worth checking out.

Shepard can either praise her for the effort or ignore it while being focused on Kai Leng. Before the assault on Earth, Shepard can speak to Traynor, commending her on her excellent service. Traynor is later seen in the cockpit with Joker when the Normandy receives orders from Admiral Hackett to disengage upon the Crucible 's activation. Assuming the Normandy crew survives the crash landing, Traynor will be present along with the others at Shepard's memorial, honoring the fallen.

Citadel Edit While Shepard is on the heels of the clone attempting to take the NormandyTraynor is first seen exiting the ship, angered that Commander Shepard just fired her for 'conduct unbecoming' or 'fraternization' if romanced, not knowing that the Shepard who fired her was a clone.

When she sees the real Commander Shepard approach, she yells at them about barely leaving her enough time to "grab [her] toothbrush". Shepard either proves their identity by identifying the model of toothbrush Traynor uses or pointing out that a disciplinary hearing is needed before any firing is done, also wondering why the only thing Traynor would grab when leaving is a toothbrush.

If a female Shepard is romantically involved, she is given an option of convincing Traynor that she still loves her via shutting her up with a kiss.

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Afterward, Shepard and the squad will unsuccessfully attempt to open the airlock to the Normandy and then ask Traynor if she knows of an alternate entrance, given her extensive knowledge of the ship. She opens a panel and explains that there was an emergency hatch used for evacuations but it could only be opened from the inside. A squad member mentions that a biotic field could open it from the outside but nobody has the required precision to do so.

Traynor then holds up her toothbrush, which uses small mass effect fields to operate. Once Commander Shepard's clone is defeated, the real Shepard will receive an e-mail from Traynor to meet her at the Castle Arcade for lunch. When arriving at the arcade, Traynor is seen playing a game called Kepesh-Yakshi against a salarian in a tournament.

When she beats the salarian, Traynor will apologize to Shepard for missing lunch, stating that she entered the tournament on impulse and thought that she would be beaten in an earlier round.

Don't cheat on the Shadow Broker. (Minor spoilers)

An asari called Polgara T'Suzsa, a rival of Traynor's, then challenges Traynor to a match saying she will beat her in less than twenty moves. Shepard either offers words of encouragement, or orders Traynor to beat the asari if in a relationship, under penalty of shower privileges withdrawal if she loses, with special emphasis on Shepard's glare. Nearing the endgame, Shepard can either trash-talk T'Suzsa, distract her while Traynor is thinking up her next move, or watch silently.

Traynor wins in the first two cases, with the game shocking Polgara unconscious as she loses. If Shepard opts to stay silent, The asari wins instead, with the game shocking Traynor off her seat.

traynor relationship mass effect 3 cheats

Sometime later, Shepard receives another e-mail from Traynor, offering apologies for messing up their lunch plans and thanks for sticking around for the match with Polgara. Once invited, Traynor enters with a trophy in hand if she won, noting that she couldn't leave it on the Normandy, as she had no room.

As she looks around the apartment and marvels at its amenities, Traynor notices it is equipped with a hot tub when she gets to the second floor. If Shepard and Traynor's relationship is platonic, Shepard allows her to use the tub as she indicates her wish to do so. Traynor dips into the hot tub alone while Shepard gives her privacy by talking from a distance and looking the other way.

While relaxing she notes that the hot tub may be good for her sinuses and goes on to list the numerous medications she is on, eliciting a reaction from Shepard. If the Commander inquires after her health, Samantha reveals she is missing one medicine, sucrocapsunolthough Shepard informs her it's a placebo.

Traynor is dismayed at the find though she quickly gets over it. If the Spectre expresses incredulity at her seeming hypochondria but clarifies intent with a "no offense" disclaimershe waves off the apology by downplaying her body's importance relative to her mind and shares that Horizon is poor enough gene therapy is used only for life-threatening conditions.

Traynor then asks for some scented bath oils and Shepard delivers it to her, prompting a remark about where Shepard's eyes are looking. Next, she asks for a loofah, to which Shepard replies that the apartment being previously Anderson's would not have one.

Traynor then finds one in a bag with "girly stuff" belonging to " K. Sanders ", and compliments the bag's owner for great taste in "adjustable massage wands.

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Shepard comments that Traynor is "very persuasive" as the Commander originally suggested going outside, and Traynor replies that at least she let Shepard take her clothes off this time, referring to their "game night" shower on the Normandy. Shepard can dispute who's in control of who, and if so Traynor counters how the Spectre fell for the Specialist's deliberate wiles in the cabin.

Shepard concedes the point and Traynor reminds her that she plays for keeps. If Shepard just praises how Traynor is being good to her, Samantha accepts the compliment and swims toward her lover. Shepard is last heard giggling in pleasure. Traynor mingles with Shepard's friends during the big party.

traynor relationship mass effect 3 cheats

She hangs out with Liara by the kitchen at the beginning, gushing that she can't get over the apartment's size as the electric bill alone could've paid for her college tuition.