Valencia high school teacher inappropriate relationship

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valencia high school teacher inappropriate relationship

A teacher at a Southern California high school faces criminal she had an inappropriate sexual relationship with her for four years. arts teacher and water polo coach at Valencia High School in Placentia when it all began. Diebolt, a language arts teacher and swim and water polo coach at Valencia High School in Placentia, had a sexual relationship with the girl. A Spring ISD teacher was arrested yesterday after being accused of A year- old Westfield High School teacher is out on bail after being arrested for the district is accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. Just last month, another Westfield teacher, Carlos Valencia, was.

The result of this discipline allows you to feel confident you are getting honest reporting from us. Canyon High Teacher Suspended In October Allegedly Had Relations With A Student In the case of Mike Motherspaw, the Canyon High School teacher who was suspended last fall for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a student, we decided to run the story even though we were told by several sources close to the situation no charges were filed.

  • Teacher Accused Of Sexually Abusing Female Student For Years
  • Former Valencia High School Teacher Sentenced For Molesting Student
  • Third Time No Charm for School District

Our decision to go with the story was based on evidence from a number of reliable sources very close to the families involved and school authorities, we had our facts correct. In addition, we felt it was important news that could serve as a wake-up call for our Valley to explore the issue on a much broader basis.

valencia high school teacher inappropriate relationship

We trust our teachers to educate, inspire and protect our kids. That is the primary function of our schools. Leaders in our schools, churches, youth organizations, day-care centers must have a higher standard of responsibility to protect our children. We do know that if our schools had to react to every allegation they would probably be doing nothing else and we could be opening our schools up to a daily witch hunt whenever a student became upset over a poor grade.

However the current situation is also unacceptable.

Canyon Country High School Teacher Resigns Over Allegations Of Relationship With A Student

So we now have a situation where it becomes challenging to protect our children when a teacher is out of line and quick action needs to happen. His actions have created a ripple effect far beyond those immediately involved.

Valencia High School's Bradford Stadium

One comment that landed for me was this one. Valencia, a Spanish teacher, will be arraigned later this month.

valencia high school teacher inappropriate relationship

In October, year-old Alison Mosbeck, a teacher at Dueitt Middle School, was arrested and charged with three counts of sexual abuse of a child and having an improper teacher relationship with a student. Mosbeck allegedly began a relationship with a boy after initially asking him where she could buy some marijuana, according to a court affidavit.

Rebecca Eileen Diebolt, Accused of Sex with Female Student, is Pregnant: Fellow Teachers

She brought him to a festival, where a sexual relationship began. Both schools are part of the Spring Independent School District, which serves about 32, students in Harris County, a suburb of Houston. The school district, described as among the fastest growing in Texas, has about 5, employees, the majority of them teachers. But the size of the district hardly justifies the spate of incidents, school officials said, even if they are isolated.

Canyon High Teacher Suspended In October Allegedly Had Relations With A Student

Curry pointed out that reporting measures in place in the school district helped expose at least one of the the suspected teachers. In Valencia's case, the student involved reported the inappropriate touching allegations Nov.

Valencia, according to the affidavit, allegedly began telling an year-old honors student who regularly did chores for him in his classroom that she was "sexy" and "hot. There, the girl told investigators, he pulled her pants down and shirt up and assaulted her.

Valencia acknowledged to authorities that he had engaged in sexual conduct with the girl inside the barn twice, according to the affidavit.

valencia high school teacher inappropriate relationship

A letter sent to parents of Westfield High School students celebrated the student's courage in coming forward and announced that the teacher had first been suspended and later fired. In Mosbeck's case, a mother of one of the victim's friends reportedly contacted authorities after she saw text messages on the student's cell phone from Mosbeck, a mother of two. The teacher was looking for drugs, an affidavit alleged.

valencia high school teacher inappropriate relationship