Value of relationship images for instagram

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value of relationship images for instagram

GoPro users contributed almost every image on GoPro's Instagram account. reminds viewers that you offer additional content and value across the web. human relationship with your fans that leads to a stronger Instagram. Instagram reports M monthly active users with 40M photos being uploaded per day. The cross promotional value of using an Instagram photo is huge. Social Media Relationship Skills - Listening (Part 1) - Convert With Content - April 1. Find out what images work best and how to work with the right to create and nurture relationships with your target audience, along with features to .. If you're looking for another way to offer value to your followers, you can't.

In other words, using psychology to sell.

value of relationship images for instagram

You can incorporate psychology in both the visual elements and copy of your Instagram posts. What is Visual Psychology? You might already be familiar with the concept of visual perception. The idea that objects can appear different depending on how you look at them.

The classic example of this is the Necker Cube illusion. Now that you have an idea of what visual psychology is, the next question is how can you implement it into your strategy? In their research, Sanocki and Sulman looked at the effects of color harmony on short term visual memory.

Instagram is supposed to be friendly. So why is it making people so miserable?

In their test, they showed participants patterns of colored squares, with similar and dissimilar patterns. They measured how accurately people perceived color change when they swapped out a few of the color squares. They found that people were able to better memorize the patterns when the colors were harmonious. Example Here are a couple of examples of how Adidas uses the principle of color harmony on their Instagram page. They often post clusters of photos featuring balanced color combinations.

So when a user sees their photos in their feed, they can pick up on the theme. Use harmonious color palettes in your photos. Surrounding colors affect our short term visual memory. Use contrast between your backgrounds and the focal point to help your Instagram photos stand out. Use fewer colors in your photos. The more colors you use, the more difficult it is for people to remember your visuals. Use Scene Gist to Make Your Photos More Memorable Scene gist is your ability to understand the context or subject of a photo once your eyes fixate on an image.

You may not realize it, but most people are able to recognize what an image is within seconds of seeing it. So what does this have to do with your Instagram photos?

When people scroll through their Instagram feed, are they able to immediately recognize what your photo is about? The next question is, what can you do to improve the scene perception for your Instagram posts?

Well back inresearchers Monica S. Castelhano and John Henderson did an experiment that might help you out. They showed participants a quick presentation of a scene, and immediately after they were shown the name of a target object.

Participants had to state whether the name of the object was consistent or inconsistent with the photo they were shown. Through the experiment, Castelhano and Henderson concluded that color is directly associated with scene gist. Scene Gist on Instagram American Airlines occasionally shares photos with filters.

Steer away from filters that dramatically intensify all the colors of your photos. Make sure your photos are easy to recognize. Abstract photos or pictures from odd angles are more difficult for people to interpret, so you risk getting overlooked.

Visual priming is when exposure to one stimulus impacts your response to another. The concept of priming has been tested and used in marketing in different variations for decades. In their experiment, Mandel and Johnson tested how the background of a website can influence consumer behavior.

value of relationship images for instagram

They asked participants to compare two different car brands on a webpage. On one page, the background was green with pennies on it. The other was red with flames. Participants that saw the green background spent more time looking at the price, since green and pennies are both associated with money. Those who saw the red version were more focused on the safety features since red and flames can symbolize danger or an emergency. Their Instagram feed is packed with their signature red color scheme and logo.

They maintain that consistency so when you see one of their posts in your feed, you immediately think about their products. In the screenshot below, notice how they even implement red outside of their logo by adding it in a jacket or the less subtle popcorn bucket.

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Try incorporating brand colors into your Instagram photos so people begin to associate those colors with your brand. Coordinate your Instagram photos with your other marketing efforts like ads, blog posts and other social media messages.

Once you decide on a car, you start seeing it everywhere. But the relationship also involves interacting with them by asking for their views and recommendations as well as, crucially, thanking them and publishing content they ask to be posted. But our study of a micro-influencing group called Bournemouth Bloggers revealed that this relationship can also have repercussions for influencers. Micro-influencers are those whose follower count is below 10, We talked to 12 such micro-influencers who mainly post content about their lifestyles.

However, as with any euphoria-linked activitysuch as gamingthere are also negative outcomes. We found that micro-influencers are empowered through their increased confidence but that anxietysocial media fear and insecurity are common traits too.

Some of the micro-influencers we interviewed revealed that they felt afraid their followers would perceive them as being too image conscious or that they would see them as being too focused on their brand image rather than their community of fans.

value of relationship images for instagram

They also face anxiety through constant comparison with other social media users. We found that mental health issues were also triggered by the followers themselves. When the influencer first sets up an account, they have their own ideas about what they want to achieve. They want to share pictures of their travels or recipes. But as they attract more followers, the topics and content posted starts to be determined by what the online audience wants to see, sometimes totally changing the creative direction.

Science Has Spoken: Here’s Why Your Instagram Posts Don't Get Engagement

Secondary signals The three main signals above form the core of the Instagram algorithm, but it incorporates some secondary factors as well: If you only open the app once a week, you could see posts that are a few days old. How you use the app sends signals about how much content the algorithm should surface. If you tend to only look at the app for a few moments, the algorithm will top-load your feed with priority content. Instagram busted a few myths about the algorithm and the platform in general.

There is no shadowban Rumors have long circulated that Instagram would partially block accounts for using too many hashtags, or repetitive hashtags. Get the free checklist right now! However, in its press briefing, staffers said the shadowban does not exist. Frequent posters are not down-ranked Posting often will not result in your account being down-ranked. However, if you post several times in a row, those posts will likely be separated by other content, rather than appearing one after the other.

Across the platform, the algorithm treats photos and videos equally. However, users who tend to watch and engage with videos will see more videos in their feed. Users who scroll past videos and focus on photo content will see more photos. If they love live video, you should post live video.

Giving users what they want will boost engagement overall and send powerful interest and relationship signals. The chronological feed is gone for good People have been slow to give up hope that the chronological feed might come back.

Rumors have spread that chronological sorting might become an option. But Instagram says the algorithm—and only the algorithm—is here to stay. That said, a business account gives you access to features not available to personal accounts, like access to analytics and the ability to run Instagram adsso you should consider switching to a business profile. How to make the Instagram algorithm work in your favor You now understand what the algorithm is—and what it does.

Create great content Sounds obvious, right? That gives you an advantage over those who are just churning out a large quantity of lower-quality posts.

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