What relationship is my sister in law to me

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what relationship is my sister in law to me

Not a relative (most people in the world probably have some connection to you). However, when they say somebody who isn't a relative, they usually mean. Our relationships expert, Sarah Abell, advises a woman on how to address a sister-in-law who blows hot and cold. My sister-in-law has made me feel hurt and excluded, and my You say your sister-in-law behaves badly and that the family tolerate it, . to say in relation to anything really, but I'm thinking specifically of the ticket incident is.

Two years ago, for Christmas, my husband was bought a single ticket to a gig; both his sisters had arranged for a large group to go. I was not told about it, or included. This Christmas the same thing happened. I was deeply hurt. I feel I have had enough.

what relationship is my sister in law to me

I do feel that my husband has allowed this, and wish he had been more supportive of me. K, via email There seems to be a real battle for control going on here, but it is from you and your sister-in-law. I could give you a list of comments to get back at her with, but I am wondering if that would really help, or just add to point- scoring. And as Dr Ged Smith, a family therapist aft. Because, you see, I do think that this is more about your husband than you want to admit.

And as you say in your last line, you wish you were more supported, and I think that, if you were, much of what your sister-in-law does intended or not would rather wash over you, because you and your husband would be united. You say your sister-in-law behaves badly and that the family tolerate it, but does the family see it like this? Do you have your own circle of friends and go out as much as you would like?

Work out how you would like things to be different, and ask yourself if you are being realistic in your expectations. Secondly, take time to try and understand her. Difficult people are normally difficult for a reason. Is Zara tricky with everyone, or is her behaviour specific to your family? If it is the latter, has someone in your family said something or done something that has upset her?

Does she dislike the way Nick behaves when he is around you all?

My sister-in-law has made me feel hurt and excluded, and my husband has allowed this

Is she punishing Nick when they have had an argument by sulking with his family? Is she jealous of you or your daughter for some reason? Has Zara grown up believing sulking and dramas are part and parcel of family life?

what relationship is my sister in law to me

Try thinking through why she might be how she is; observe her with others; watch what triggers any negative behaviour; and invest some time getting to know her better. And when you do spend time with her, try and focus on her good points where possible.

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Thirdly, strike while the iron is cold. Decide whether you want to say something to Nick or Zara, or both of them together.

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If you do discuss the problem with Nick by himself, be prepared that anything you say may be repeated to Zara. Choose your moment carefully — not when everyone is upset but when things are going smoothly. Try a gentle approach. I love it when we are all together like this. We were worried about you. Discuss ways to improve communication between you. By trying a new approach. If you usually phone Nick — why not liaise with Zara instead? Could you give more warning before you visit or decide a date around their availability?

I realise I have only skimmed the surface of this tricky issue but I hope that some of my suggestions will be helpful and that the situation will improve soon.

How to handle a sister-in-law who picks on you; criticizes and insults

If anyone else has any experience or tips for dealing with difficult relatives or in-laws, do write in and let me know. It would be good to hear from you. Please indicate if there are any details you would NOT want included in print.