Wrecking ball funny ending a relationship

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wrecking ball funny ending a relationship

The wrecking ball: having an affair with his "potential" during every argument and threatening to end the relationship over him leaving the . Spending time with your guy is one of the best parts of being in a relationship, but. Why, if conceivably every relationship we have is going to end (save for the one that Andy, the father of two who came in like a wrecking ball of into another casual hooking-up scenario, I was summarily flung by a guy my. Yes, Chatroulette is still a thing that exists. YouTube comic Steve Kardynal has made something of a career off shocking Chatroulette users with.

Chatroulette 'Wrecking Ball' Parody Will Wreck You (VIDEO)

Once you make a connection to a song, it can transport you back in time to relive those moments. We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain We jumped, never asking why We kissed, I fell under your spell A love no one could deny The first time I read these lyrics they seemed backward and confusing.

Clawing and chaining are not about falling into love but quite the opposite. This leads me to believe she is not describing the infatuation state of a relationship but rather her feelings of a one sided relationship.

To claw something results in damage and to chain something results in restriction, in vain — it was a useless effort. What could this possibly mean?

The other verses of the song confirm this belief that we are not hearing a two sided love ballad but rather her effort and pain. She feels they could have had something real.

wrecking ball funny ending a relationship

We are left with a hint of when this person figures it out, she may welcome them back. She tried to get through to this person but they resisted her attempts and in the end she was the one left hurt. Writing for The A. ClubMarah Eakin provided a favorable review, calling it a "solid ballad" and describing it as "a modern day ' My Heart Will Go On ' that discussed a deteriorated, shortlived young romance.

Billboard Hot for the week issued on September 7,with 90, downloads in two days. It soldcopies that week, becoming the third-highest single sales week ofbehind theunits moved by " I Knew You Were Trouble " by Taylor Swift and theunits moved by " Roar " by Katy Perry.

The next week it tumbled to number 5 as Eminem's "The Monster" featuring Rihanna topped the chart. In the United Kingdom, the song and Bangerz both debuted at number one on their respective charts in the same week, making Cyrus the first artist of to achieve a "chart double" in the country. In Belgium, it respectively reached numbers four and five on the Belgian Ultratop in the Flanders and Wallonia regions, [31] and was eventually awarded a gold certification. At first, she is shown dressed in a sleeveless shirt, panties and Doc Martens boots; as the video progresses, she is then shown wearing only the boots.

wrecking ball funny ending a relationship

The song is a pop ballad. Andy, the father of two who came in like a wrecking ball of neediness and misplaced ideas of what courtship post-divorce is supposed to look like. Also, who actually used the word "courtship": Then, "Bruce" quotes to protect the somewhat innocent: Bro-tastic to the extreme, who thought it appropriate to tell me we didn't need to use condoms because we're white: What these men and others had in common was something I didn't immediately realize was a point of pride for me, which is that I dumped every one of their asses.

But last spring, three months into another casual hooking-up scenario, I was summarily flung by a guy my friends referred to not unaffectionately as "DJ. I realized that despite both being cute, smart and liberal, we had absolutely no conversational chemistry.

wrecking ball funny ending a relationship

After politely explaining that he wanted to try a relationship with someone with whom he saw a future and that, while fun, I wasn't that person, I could only smile and say, "Don't worry about it!

Thank you for being honest.

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Let's be friendly but not friends. I had just been dumped and I didn't like that one bit. Egos are powerful things that can make an otherwise confident person lash out, as evidenced by the bratty gchat rants and texts I proceeded to send my friends about the situation.

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Some were sympathetic; most just reminded me that I knew it was coming. I'm thankful that only my friends saw that side of me. And after a day of reflection, I was pleased that, as far as he was concerned, I was the Queen of Chillness.

Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus song)

The relief on his face that I wasn't throwing my fourth margarita at him is something I still feel good about. At the risk of tooting our respective horns, DJ and I were following a pretty stellar list of breakup do's and don'ts without even realizing it. By actually respecting each other, we turned something that rom-com wisdom tells us is worthy of endless pints of ice cream and tissues into This prompted me to consider why, if conceivably every relationship we have is going to end save for the one that lasts foreverare people including me so angry when it happens?

How Wrecking Ball should have ended - Miley Cyrus - PARODY

Why are we so wrapped up in being everything to someone we likely don't want anything permanent from anyway? More to the point, how can we limit that anger when we inevitably have to dump or be dumped?

wrecking ball funny ending a relationship

I thus proclaim, for your perusal, a list of dumping do's and don'ts. This is my humble attempt to limit some negativity in the word, and maybe even advance positivity, one hook up at a time: There is an incredible temptation to lie and attempt to spare the dumpee's feelings.

If those aren't the actual reasons you're ending this, be honest. Because chances are, you're not that good a liar.

wrecking ball funny ending a relationship

Don't be unnecessarily honest: Conversely, there are things you can tell a person that are more unkind than helpful.