Yentl ending a relationship

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yentl ending a relationship

Since Hadass is nervous about the arrangement, still attached to Avigdor and and in no more hurry to consummate the marriage than Yentl is, things settle down. The irrepressible Yentl (Streisand) dreams of devoting herself to the study of the Now Yentl is trapped in marriage to another woman who only faintly grasps. perverse, her marriage to Hadass an "act of utter depravity" . ending. Yentl's songs make it clear from the outset that while the film bears more than superficial.

Her difficult experiences expand, rather than trap her personality. She does not conform to expectations from her surroundings or from her audience, neither remaining merely a woman hiding in men's clothing nor revealing herself to be neutered or firmly homosexual. She refuses to accept a limited, traditional life, even when offered one in marriage to Avigdor.

Rather, Yentl becomes a "real woman," thoroughly modern and encompassing "what society has defined as both masculine and feminine traits. She remains assertive and defiant, daring to find or to create room for new self-definition and new possibility, without seeking simple or complete resolution to ongoing challenges in her constant thirst for more.

Though Isaac Singer insists that Yentl does not have feminist undertones, [11] many critics and viewers of the film consider Yentl to be a feminist role model. One reason is that she rebels against patriarchal Orthodox Jewish society by disguising herself as a man to do what she loves—study the Torah.

Another reason is that although she finds herself in love with Avigdor, she has the strength to leave him behind, in exchange for a freer life in the US.

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Streisand changed Singer's specific ending, in which Yentl wanders off presumably to a different yeshiva to continue her studies and her cross-dressing. In the film interpretation of the story, Yentl moves on, but this time to the US. Viewers are led to believe that in the States she can have both study and womanhood.

yentl ending a relationship

This idea symbolizes a refusal to conform to old-world Jewish standards and instead move "against the authority and authenticity of the Judaic past," which Streisand asserts has "propelled itself so far from the austerity of Talmudic study. Their lives instead were characterized by an "individualism and experimentalism" that "Jewish immigrants and their descendants have so strikingly honored, reinforced, and revised. It suggests America can potentially alter preexisting Jewish values. Yentl's desire is exclusively for her study partner, Avigdor, while her marriage to a woman remains unconsummated and comic throughout the film.

Because Yentl chooses to reveal herself as a woman to Avigdor in hopes of gaining his love, Yentl firmly establishes herself as a heterosexual female force in the film.

yentl ending a relationship

In this way, it can be read as a heterosexual yet potentially feminist text. And they play their roles cognizant of the fact that their romantic desires are both homosexual and heterosexual, whether or not they intend that to be the case. Singer, winner of the Nobel Prize and National Book Award, and considered by many to be the greatest writer in the Yiddish language, was a modernist with his heart deeply rooted in his Orthodox Jewish culture.

I had the pleasure of meeting him in Miami when my wife interviewed him, and I remember her asking him why he always wrote about the Orthodox Jewish world and never the Conservative, Reform or secular ones. Singer's Yentl, written in the s, brought forth a trans character before its time.

Leah Napolin, who wrote the play with Singer, converted her into a feminist icon.

Yentl, the Yeshiva Boy : A Modern Transgender Hero

Barbra Streisand then put her own iconic stamp on the character and Singer was not happy about it at all. Serotsky's play, which at times feels like a take on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, remakes this Yentl as authentically Anshel, strongly rooting the productoin as a queer statement in the manner of Singer. Jill Sobule, the composer, shares my interpretation. We stand in contrast to Ms.

Serotsky, who see this version as another variation of the feminist interpretation.

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This is not surprising, given that in Napolin dismissed viewing Yentl as "suffering from some hormonal predisposition to masculinity. Recognizing the reality of the trans experience in no way minimizes the feminist critique of society. Trans women are generally more inclined toward feminism than cisgender women, and trans men know existentially what it means to be oppressed as women.

yentl ending a relationship

I hope future productions emphasize Ms. Sobule's reading and make this a story that Jewish trans children and adolescents can absorb to help them make the archaic, sexist morning blessings a thing of the past.